Strawberries "Rugen": characteristics of the variety and features of growing from seeds

Strawberries "Rugen": characteristics of the variety and features of growing from seeds

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Strawberry "Rugen" is a repaired beardless variety of German selection. The variety description assumes long and early fruiting and a high level of productivity. This small-fruited variety, which is in demand in the conditions of home gardening, bears fruit throughout the summer and right up to the first frosts.

Characteristic and botanical description

Strawberries "Rugen" forms small berry bushes, a characteristic feature of which is represented by a complete lack of mustard formation. Berries of wild strawberries of this variety have a bright red color and an oblong shape. The average length of the berry does not exceed 2-3cm. The diameter of the thickened portion is 1.5-2 cm. The pulp is juicy and tasty, characterized by a high iron content. Berries are suitable for fresh consumption and are well suited for making jam, jam or stewed fruit.

Strawberries "Rugen" has erect and strong peduncles, which are very reliable able to hold berries above the ground. The variety is resistant to diseases and the formation of genetic changes. The offspring retains the parental traits from the mother plant completely.

Strawberry "Rugen": variety description

Seed cultivation

Many gardeners prefer to grow strawberries of the Rügen variety from seeds, which implies compliance with the following technology:

  • in prepared landing containers in the form of boxes, a loose and well-moistened soil mixture with high fertility rates should be poured;
  • at a distance of 4-5 cm between the rows, the previously selected and prepared strawberry seeds should be laid out;
  • after the seed material is distributed on the surface of the soil, cover the planting containers with plastic wrap, which does not need to be removed before the emergence of mass shoots.

Planting containers with seedlings should be installed in a bright and fairly warm place. Irrigation is carried out using a spray gun with warm water. In the phase of two true leaves, the plants should be dived. Strawberry seedlings are quite fragile and need a careful and accurate attitude.

The best place for landing is the most even or slightly elevated area, which is reliably protected from gusty winds. It is best to grow strawberries in areas represented by slightly acidic or neutral soil. Almost any soil that has a sufficient supply of nutrients is suitable for this kind of berry culture. It should be remembered that strawberries "Rugen" is able to quickly pull the main nutrient components from the soil, so it is not advisable to grow this berry crop on the same site for more than four years.

Grade Reviews

Strawberry "Rugen" refers to the old and time-tested German varieties that form high yields of very tasty and fragrant berries. Reviews about the variety and their rating are very high. According to gardeners, the varietal feature of strawberries "Rugen" is unpretentiousness, resistance to frost and low lighting requirements.

Small-fruited strawberries of this variety are deservedly popular among gardeners and summer residents. It combines excellent quality characteristics and marketable appearance. Recently, strawberries "Rugen" are increasingly grown as a room crop, quite successfully used in flower gardens and for decorating artificial lawns and borders.

When growing a berry culture of this variety in home gardening in central Russia, the plants tolerate the winter season quite well with a snow cover of 25-30 cm.It is recommended to use a shelter of berry plantations with spruce spruce branches or dry foliage in snowy and harsh winters.

Tips and advice from experienced gardeners

Strawberry "Rugen" is one of the few varieties for the propagation of which seed material is used. This unpretentious amateur variety is famous for its very early entry into fruiting, which continues to minus air temperatures in the fall. The value of the variety is flowering in the last decade of May and before frosts, as well as excellent taste of the harvested crop.

How to grow strawberries from seeds

The variety propagates by sowing seeds, seedlings. Planting seedlings in open ground should be at the phase of five true leaves. Planting is carried out according to the standard scheme of 25-30 x 15-20 cm. It is preferable to grow berry plantations of this variety in sunny areas. Care measures include weeding, cultivating, watering, fertilizing and protecting against diseases and pests.