Description of strawberries "Tsarskoye Selo"

Description of strawberries "Tsarskoye Selo"

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Strawberry of medium-late ripening period "Tsarskoye Selo" belongs to the high-yielding, universal purpose varieties and has gained wide circulation in home gardening of our country. The breeders of the Leningrad fruit and vegetable experimental station became the originator and author of the description of the variety. This variety of strawberry is listed in the State Register of Russia and recommended for cultivation in the Central Federal District of our country.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Strawberries called "Tsarskoye Selo" are characterized by medium in height, semi-sprawling and well-leafy shrubs with dark matte leaves. The formation is very pronounced. Numerous mustaches have a pale red color and are well developed. During the test, the variety showed fairly high winter hardiness and a good level of frost resistance.

Commodity berry has an average weight of 13.5-14.5 g. It is characterized by a very regular and oval shape, without a neck. The surface of a ripe berry is dark red, attractive. Ripe pulp has a sweet and sour taste and a fairly pronounced aroma. The variety is resistant to verticillus wilting, there is an extremely low risk of damage to the berry plantation by gray rot.

Strawberry Sawfly Protection

Significant problems for gardeners and gardeners in the cultivation of strawberries under the name "Tsarskoye Selo" can cause defeat of berry plantations by a strawberry sawfly, or Emphytuscinctus L., whose larvae severely damage the leaves of the plant. The larvae of this plant parasite are located on the underside of garden strawberry leaves.

The stage of the main development of the larvae lasts about three to four weeks, after which the pest leaves deep into the soil, where pupation takes place. Adult individuals of the strawberry sawfly appear on berry plantations at the stage of mass flowering of early strawberry varieties.

Experienced gardeners and specialists recommend the use of modern and highly effective insecticides against the strawberry sawfly larvae. Processing against sawflies should be carried out before the flowering stage of garden strawberries, and if necessary, preventive treatments must be repeated after the final harvest of the berry. For the processing of berry plantings, it is advisable to spray “Lepidocide” P and SC at the rate of 1.2-1.5 kg / ha. Treat strawberry bushes with karbofos or Fufanon at a rate of 1.4–1.8 l / ha.

Actellik and Fosbetsid funds, the consumption of which is about 0.6-0.7 l / ha, as well as the Rovikurt preparation, which is used at the rate of 1 l / ha, have also confirmed their effectiveness against strawberry sawfly in farms. To destroy the plant parasite in home gardening, it is recommended to use “Lepidocide” for processing strawberry bushes, which, if necessary, can be replaced with “Actellik” or concentrated “Fosbetsida” emulsion.

It is very important to observe agricultural practices that have a detrimental effect on the pupae of the plant parasite. Such activities include hoeing and bayonet soil near the base of strawberry bushes. Along with this procedure, it is necessary to conduct timely control of weeds and constantly maintain the purity of the berry plantation.

Reviews from experienced gardeners

Strawberry called Tsarskoye Selo, according to many experts in the field of horticulture, is a good competitor to the Tsaritsa variety of garden strawberry known in our country. According to the reviews and observations of experienced gardeners who have already managed to love this variety, its productivity is simply amazing. All flower stalks are located under the leaves, which contributes to the excellent preservation of the berries from the scorching sun and rains.

Strawberry "Tsarskoye Selo": variety features

And another important advantage of the Tsarskoye Selo strawberry is its very high resistance to damage by gray rot, which is very important when growing a berry culture in conditions of home gardening.