Grapes Violet early: European-Amur universal variety

Grapes Violet early: European-Amur universal variety

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Grapes Violet early (fioletovyj-rannij) - a European-Amur variety for universal use.

Selection history

Violet early grapes were bred at VNIIViV them. Y. I. Potapenko in 1947. It is the result of crossing varieties of Muscat Hamburg (muskat-gamburgskiy) and Northern (severnyy). The authors of the variety are E.I. Zakharova, Ya. I. Potapenko and I.P. Potapenko. Grapes are actively cultivated in the Kherson, Dagestan and Odessa regions.

General description of the variety

The clusters are medium in size, conical in shape, weighing about 150 grams. The crest leg is long. The leaves are light green, medium in size, bubbly, multi-lobed. Fruiting is good, but with overloading the bushes, a decrease in the quality of the fruits is possible.

The variety is characterized by frost resistance and can withstand temperatures down to -27 ° C. Resistant to mildew (Peronovosporaviticoladebary). Shrubs can be formed with medium- and high-standard cordon, as well as a fan without a stem, with 2-3 sleeves.

Seedlings have thin shoots and rounded leaves with sharp teeth. Autumn leaves turn yellow.

How to plant grapes in spring

Technical characteristics of berries

The berries are dark purple, roundish, of medium size, weighing up to 2.5 g. They have a nutmeg aroma with hints of tea rose, juicy flesh. The peel of the fruit is thick and strong. Seeds are full. Sugar content of fruits - 22 g per 100 ml, acidity - 4.5 g per 1 liter. The purpose is universal.

Features of planting and care

The variety is maturing and frost-resistant, thanks to which it can be grown on small slopes or plains. The soil is suitable for anyone, even heavy saline.

The bush can be cultivated with a two-shouldered cordon formation on the stem or a stemless formation. Since grapes bear fruit well, it is necessary to leave no more than 5 eyes on the bush. The early Violet variety can bear fruit on the shoots of the shoots and successfully grows together with the stocks of the Riparia and Rupestris varieties.

The landing pit should be fertilized with humus and have a depth of at least 50 cm in sandy soil and 20 centimeters in clay. The seedling is located in the center of the recess and is covered with soil, which is then slightly rammed. Then it is irrigated with warm water.

Of the features of care should be noted the need for grapes in a garter; moreover, the support for him is installed immediately after landing. Regular watering, soil loosening and weed removal are also required. For the winter, the vines can not be covered, but they should be sprayed with a solution of copper sulfate.

Possible growing problems

The Violet early variety does not tolerate drought. In the heat, seedlings almost do not take root, since the rooting of the bush is difficult. In practice, it turns out that in the middle zone of Russia the variety is not so early. But the plant withstands frosts without shelter, if the bushes were not damaged or overloaded with crops.

One more thing to consider when growing this variety: it can be planted only on the western or southern sides of the wall, but in no case - from the north. Placement of grapes near trees is also contraindicated. If these requirements are not complied with, the vines are very elongated. For planting, you need to choose only the brightest places on the site. The grapes should be buried in moderation, since the surface arrangement will lead to freezing of the roots during cold weather and drying out in the heat. The depth of the landing pit should be 0.5 m, regardless of the size of the plant. If the bush has already been planted incorrectly, it is necessary to insulate it for the winter with sawdust, straw and weeds.

If the leaves of the plant began to dry out, do not intensify watering: this will only aggravate the situation. First of all, you need to understand what is the reason for drying. It may be in a lack of trace elements or diseases, but not in a lack of moisture in the soil: grapes have impressive roots and can do without water for a long time. With a nutrient deficiency, it is recommended to spray the bush with a solution of ash, which is the best supplier of trace elements for grapes.

Grapes: green pruning

Grapes Violet early is appreciated due to the excellent taste of berries and early ripening. And such qualities as high frost resistance and unpretentiousness in leaving allow to cultivate it in any climatic conditions.