Blueberry Patriot: characteristics, planting and care

Blueberry Patriot: characteristics, planting and care

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There is such a berry Blueberry Patriot, a description of the variety, reviews about this delicious and fragrant berry are of interest to many gardeners. The berry has long been considered a wild plant that is found exclusively in the mountains and swamps. Blueberry garden Patriot is one of the most beloved varieties of many gardeners, since this particular variety of blueberries is valued for its relative unpretentiousness and high productivity.

Grade description

The description of the Patriot blueberry variety shows that this berry belongs to tall plants. Its height is from 1 to 1.7 meters. It is resistant to severe frosts (up to -30 degrees) and many diseases - late blight, stem cancer. The blueberry bush has straight branches, due to which it does not differ in increased splendor.

The ripening period of berries falls in mid-July. Blueberry variety Patriot is distinguished by large berries (up to 1.7 cm in diameter). The berries have a light blue color with a strong coating, which have an excellent taste. The fruits, as they ripen, gather in the brush, large, with increased density.

The description of the variety and many reviews of gardeners show that the Patriot blueberry variety is appreciated not only for the fruits, but also for the decorativeness of the bushes. Starting from early spring, blueberries decorate the garden with a riot of green foliage, very beautiful, reminiscent of decorative greenery. Soon, delicate flowers are added to the leaves, densely decorating the bush, which, as they develop, turn into green, and then bright red berries of blueberries. With the onset of autumn, leaves shimmer with a bright color, creating a generally beautiful landscape of autumn nature.

Characteristics of Patriot blueberries:

  • flattened shape;
  • quite large in diameter;
  • unripe berry has a bright red color, and ripe - blue;
  • have dense skin, making them convenient to collect and transport;
  • berries taste like blueberries, suitable for raw consumption.

Gardeners advise against fertilizing the plant with organic fertilizers. Manure, compost cannot be used in any case, otherwise the plant will simply die. Fertilize blueberries only with mineral fertilizers.

Blueberry Patriot: variety description

Benefits of Blueberry Patriot

In total, more than 50 varieties of blueberries were bred by breeders. They differ in the size of berries and bushes, the conditions for growing, the ripening period. The Patriot blueberry variety has many advantages that make it the queen against other varieties:

  1. Great fertility. If you properly care for blueberries, annually from one bush you can collect from 7 to 10 kg of berries. Considering the high strength, due to which it is possible to transport them over a long distance, it is possible to grow blueberries for industrial purposes.
  2. The fruits yield long-term storage and have excellent taste.
  3. Thanks high frost resistance This variety can be grown in any region with the coldest climate.
  4. Big resistance to many pests.
  5. Blueberry bush grows up, not in breadth, which saves space when breeding blueberries, and at the same time get a good harvest.
  6. The flowering period of blueberries falls at a time when possible spring frosts are left behind from which many plants often die. The most dangerous temperature for a dove during flowering is +2 degrees.
  7. Berries begin to ripen in mid-summer., which allows you to remove the fruits before the start of the weather with a short summer season.
  8. Blueberry fruits are firmly attached to the branches of the bush and even when ripening, almost 2 weeks do not fall, which allows them to collect everything without loss of crop.

Blueberry Patriot is suitable for preserving, drying, making stewed fruit and desserts. The berries and leaves of the plant contain a large amount of vitamins necessary for the health of internal organs and the immune system.

Cultivation and care

Blueberries should be planted in a well-lit, sunny place that is protected from wind and drafts. Landing occurs in March-April, and can also be planted in September or October. The soil for blueberries is prepared in advance, since pure garden soil is unsuitable for this garden beauty. The plant needs acidic, well-drained soil, which is prepared from peat, sand and soil taken under a pine tree. Soil acid must be at least 3 pH.

The roots of blueberries are located quite close to the surface, so in advance you should take care of a good outflow of excess moisture. It is best to grow blueberries on a hill or tearing out pre-trenches for outflow of water.

Timely watering and top dressing are the main rules for plant care. Moisture should be sufficient so that the soil does not dry out. You can save moisture by mulching blueberries with pine needles or bark. This will prevent the intensive growth of weeds around the bushes.

In general, blueberries can bear fruit for about 100 years. For 5 years after planting, you can trim the plant, thereby increasing its productivity. Pruning should be done in early spring, until the buds have blossomed, or in the fall, after the leaves have fallen.

For propagation, plants use cuttings, seeds or layering. This is best done using cuttings, so you can get good bushes in a short period of time. Cuttings are harvested in the fall, from good branches of the bush. If blueberries propagated by seeds, then the first harvest will have to wait 4 years.

Fertilizing is carried out with mineral fertilizers - superphosphate, zinc sulfate, potassium, ammonium.

Blueberry pruning

To achieve a high yield of the plant, it is necessary to prune it in the fall or spring.

Formative pruning is carried out for 3-5 years of life of blueberries before fruiting and every year after harvest. Such pruning helps to form the main skeletal branches and give the correct shape to its crown. At the same time, they remove all weak shoots that grow low.

Anti-aging pruning allows you to form a density of inflorescences and their fruits. It is necessary to remove, as with the forming pruning, all weak shoots, bundles of small branches that are on the edge of the shoots. After bearing large branches for more than 5 years, they are cut to the very base.

Proper regular pruning will create beautiful blueberry bushes in the garden, which will produce large berries in large quantities all year round for many years.

How to care for blueberries

Reviews about Blueberry Patriot

Michael, 36 years old.

Planted Patriot blueberries in a summer cottage 7 years ago. Now the little son and all the nephews, who often visit the summer cottage, are serving berries. The grade is 100% satisfied. Unpretentious in the care, amazingly beautiful, and the berries are just an overeating. Begin to bear fruit in the second year, planted from a shank.

Vera, 56 years old.

My husband planted Patriot blueberries with all the rules in a well-acidified soil (50 liters of acid peat instead of ordinary soil). When watering, add vinegar to the water. Not constantly, about 3 times per season. They noted the high yield of blueberries and the excellent taste of berries. Very satisfied with the grade.