Instructions for the use of Protect Forte, dosage and analogs

Instructions for the use of Protect Forte, dosage and analogs

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It is recommended to protect crops from diseases and pests even at the stage of seed preparation. "Protect Forte" is a concentrated dressing agent used for the treatment of grain crops, corn, peas, sunflowers. The main advantage of the drug is its complex effect. The disinfectant reliably protects plants from diseases, especially during periods of strong spread of snow mold or root rot.

Composition and form of release "Protect Forte"

The active ingredients of the drug are flutriafol and fludioxonil (30 and 40 g / l, respectively), belonging to the fungicide group. Flutriafol is a water-soluble substance that protects the plant from infections, both internal and external. Since fludioxonil belongs to poorly soluble substances, its effect persists for a long period. At the same time, effective protection of the root system of plants from rot, pathogenic fungi is provided.

The combined agent for pre-sowing seed treatment is produced in the form of a water-suspension concentrate. The drug is packaged in a container with a volume of 5 liters. When preparing the working solution, you must adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.

What is it used for and how does it work?

It is possible to control the development and spread of diseases and pests in the germinated grain thanks to special preparations. Fungicidal agents help fight root rot, seed mold. Advantages of the disinfectant:

  • protection of seed from soil and seed infection;
  • positive impact on the productivity of cultivated crops;
  • promotes active growth of lateral roots, due to which the plant better absorbs dissolved nutrients;
  • "Facilitates" wintering of winter varieties;
  • does not interfere with seed germination.

Since the sources of infection can be post-harvest residues, infected seeds or soil, it is important to treat the seed at the germination stage. The agent quickly penetrates into plants and, moving through the tissues, prevents the formation of the cell membrane of the mycelium of fungi and mold. "Protect Forte" destroys both internal and external seed infection, prevents the appearance of mold on the seed, activates the protective properties of crops.

Instructions for using the product

When using the product, it is important to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. The type of plant culture is also taken into account.

Culture namePest types, diseasesApplication optionsConsumption of the preparation l / ha
Spring, winter wheatseptoria, seed mold, alternaria, dusty and hard smutdressing one year before sowing or just before sowing1,1-1,25
Cornblister smut, stem rot, fusarium0,8-1,0
Peasgray rot, seed mold, root rot, anthracnose0,8-1,0
Spring, winter barleyseed mold, black smut, dust and stone smut, ascochitis1,1-1,25
Sunflowerroot rot, seed mold, white rot, alternaria5,0

Safety in use

The drug belongs to the third class in terms of danger to humans or bees. Basic rules for using the dressing agent:

  • it is recommended to spray in rooms tiled or painted with oil paint. Water drains are required;
  • the room must be equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation;
  • personal protective equipment (suit, gloves, goggles, rubber shoes) must be used.

The treated seeds are stored or transported in bags of dense material. It is forbidden to use the product near the area of ​​water bodies.


The manufacturer guarantees compatibility with micronutrient fertilizers and other insecticidal disinfectants (chemical preparations intended for the destruction of insects harmful to plants). The recommended option for combination is the AKIBA insecticidal dressing agent.


It is recommended to store canisters with the drug in separate rooms. Temperature range: 0-30 ° С. The shelf life of the drug is 24 months.


Other preparations of complex action (in which contact and systemic types of action on plant crops are combined) can be used as dressing agents. Common means: Quartet, King Combi.

When choosing a dressing agent, several factors must be taken into account: the crop rotation plan and the type of last year's crop, the sowing time, the results of the phytoexamination of the seed. "Protect Forte" is optimally suited for the treatment of areas with a high soil infectious background.

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