Is it possible to feed pigeons with peas, the benefits and harms of the product and how to add to food

Is it possible to feed pigeons with peas, the benefits and harms of the product and how to add to food

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The question of correct and balanced feeding is of concern to all pigeon lovers. The health of the pet, its activity and external indicators depend on the quality of nutrition. It would seem that birds should eat any plant seeds, shouldn't they? Not so simple. Not all plants are equally useful or equally necessary for pigeons. Every pigeon breeder has thought at least once, is it possible to feed domestic pigeons with peas?

Can peas be given to pigeons?

Legumes are an essential part of the diet of healthy pigeons, as they are rich in proteins. But it is worth pampering your favorites with the utmost accuracy. Pigeons are always happy to eat crushed dried peas, lentils, vetch. But at certain times it is better to exclude them from the menu.

Some pigeon breeders believe that it is permissible for birds to offer boiled peas so that they are absorbed faster. However, there is no unanimous opinion on this matter. Under natural conditions, pigeons themselves find and peck up grains of wild legumes. Therefore, in the household, one should not forget about this bird's need.

The benefits and harms of the product

Peas are rich in vitamins and microelements comparatively more than other fodder plants. It contains beta-carotene, vitamins A and E, and vitamin K.

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The lack of the latter can provoke infertility in females, and feeding with peas will save you from this problem.

Legumes provide healthy growth of chicks, since the dove will never suffer from vitamin deficiency, and the regularity of healthy offspring is ensured to the breeder. Peas are a source of vegetable protein. It is indispensable in the diet of birds raised for meat. The product should be introduced into the diet only when the chicks reach the age of 2 weeks. It is too heavy for young animals to digest.

It should not be given in hot weather as digestion requires a lot of water. It is also not recommended to feed pigeons with this food in winter, since it stimulates egg production, it is better to give it closer to spring.

How to give peas to pigeons

High-protein cereals should be present in the daily diet of the inhabitants of the dovecote in an amount of 10-15%. This indicator is increased in three cases:

  • During molting.
  • During incubation of eggs and feeding of chicks.
  • When transporting an individual.

If the feeding norms are not followed, the birds are obese. Peas are given as part of a grain mash or as an independent food. It is preferable to give birds yellow field or second class peas. Only in crushed form. During this time, the birds should have an adequate supply of fresh drinking water.

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