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Growing Tulips in a Greenhouse

Growing Tulips in a Greenhouse

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Hello everybody! This year I want to try to plant tulips in a greenhouse! Tell us about your growing experience in it. How much earlier do they start to bloom? How to plant? Thank you in advance!


Just like in the ground. Only in the spring in the greenhouse (ordinary garden) is it very hot during the day and the flowers quickly bloom, there are burns. This is if you do not open the window during the day. Maybe you will have a better experience ...

And why in the greenhouse? Is it only for sale ... who will see them there?)

also wanted to ask such a question)))

I just love very tulips, they planted the whole garden. Always cut and carry home. I would like to try to please myself and relatives with my early tulips

plant at home what's the problem?

I have tailed pests running around at home that turn everything around.

Good evening everyone. Let me enter into a discussion. Julia, explain why you want to plant tulips? target? distillation for the holidays, just for yourself to admire the winter? in order to get a flowering bulbous plant - it still needs to go through the entire life cycle ... only the timing and material will vary ... well, the rigor of the cycle ... having received your answer - I can more fully tell about the forcing of the bulbous ...

But tell me when I just planted them in the ground, I bought it the other day, but I don’t know what to do with them. The garden is the first year.

Yes, tulips should be planted in the ground in the fall ... Have you already decided where to plant them? choose their place? You can plant it now, but it will all depend on what climatic zone you live in ... I usually plant tulips in the ground during the so-called “Indian summer” ... and then, as foliage appears, I feed them ... tulips in one place do not often need to dig out ... about once every five to six years ... but again, everything will depend on the climate, soil and how they feel ... describe to me the conditions where you want to plant them, what soil you have, and climate, and I I’ll try to tell you as much as possible about how best to do this ...

I would like to make a lining by March 8 to please my mothers and daughters.

I'll try.