How to build a duck house with your own hands at home, dimensions and drawings

How to build a duck house with your own hands at home, dimensions and drawings

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To build a duck house with your own hands, it is necessary to develop a detailed plan of the structure, taking into account the planned livestock, to decide on the materials and the course of work. In order for the ducklings to grow and develop normally, they need an appropriate environment, where it is warm, clean and light. Buildings can be of a temporary type and the main one, made more thoroughly, from reliable building materials.

Requirements for ducklings

Even such an ordinary house for keeping poultry requires an integrated approach, where you need to think and prepare everything. It is recommended to build a house for ducklings on the foundation, if for some reason it is not possible, then it is necessary to correctly choose a place for its construction.

It is optimal to build summer and winter ducklings on a hill. So that both rainwater and snow during thaws do not form puddles under it, do not dilute mud. In addition, with such an arrangement, there will be no dampness or mold in the room for domestic animals, which adversely affects its health.

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If there is no such elevation or hill on the site, then it is built with one's own hands. They use soil, broken brick and coarse gravel for these purposes. A layer of fine gravel / expanded clay is laid on top of the ground.

Advice! In order to prevent rodents from entering the duckhouse, a mixture of clay and broken glass should be laid along the perimeter of the area, after diluting it with water.

Types of structures

There are only two varieties of ducklings. These are summer (temporary) structures and winter ones, which are an insulated version of the poultry house.


Such buildings involve the maintenance of ducks only for one season, or in the absence of an opportunity to build a capital house. The aviary is made of mesh, which facilitates transportation if necessary. It is also good to provide a canopy so that the ducks can hide from the rain and sun. Such an easy-to-use pen effectively protects poultry from rodents and predators. If the number of individuals is small, then a house is built on the territory of the aviary.


If the duck house is planned to be used during the year, then it must be made as a full-fledged dwelling for the bird. An all-season room must be secure, well heated and dry. Most often, a poultry house is built from various bars, boards. This is an environmentally friendly building, warm and relatively inexpensive. The main thing is to pre-treat the wood with antiseptic, protective agents.

A duckhouse made of wood turns out to be warm and does not take much time and effort. It can be done in just a few days. The process of wall insulation is carried out at the stage of its construction.

Brick or aerated concrete

Unlike a wooden one, a brick / aerated concrete duckhouse is much more expensive in terms of financial investments. In addition, certain skills are required when working with these building materials. Of the advantages of such a building, it is worth noting:

  • long service life;
  • strength.

The disadvantages of a brick duck house are:

  • cold walls;
  • the need for additional insulation of the barn.

In general, it is problematic to warm up a duck house made of aerated concrete in winter, the heat practically does not linger in it.


A duckhouse made of polycarbonate sheets is more relevant for regions with relatively warm winters. The design is obtained in the form of a greenhouse. It retains heat for a long time, there are no drafts and it is sufficiently light throughout the day.

Drawings and dimensions

In order to achieve high performance when keeping ducks, indoor ducks, mulards and any other breed, it is necessary to build a barn taking into account 1 sq. m per bird. But there are situations when the owner does not have the opportunity to provide the living creatures with so much free space, and for 1 sq. m accounts for 2-3 individuals.

It is recommended to indicate in the drawing all dimensions of the duckhouse. For example, in a shed for 10-11 birds, the length of the walls will be 5 m, and the width of the room will be 3.75 m. Here, it is imperative to provide a vestibule, which will reduce heat loss in the room. Thanks to him, a microclimate that is comfortable for domestic animals is maintained inside the poultry house. If desired, it can be expanded to prepare a place for storing feed and equipment.

You will need an aviary for walking ducks. It is recommended to combine these two buildings with a common roof. It is not difficult to build a duck house in the country with your own hands, if you calculate and plan everything in advance. It is permissible to make it from scrap materials available on the farm.

Tools and materials

In most cases, ducklings are built from OSB-plates, plywood sheets, edged beams and boards. To build a house you need:

  • cement M-300 (4 bags);
  • 3 mm wire;
  • metal fittings (20 m, diameter 12-16 mm);
  • timber (100 × 200 mm) / board (22 × 200 mm);
  • edged timber (50 × 50 mm);
  • boards (10 pieces, 6 m each);
  • timber (20 × 20 mm, up to 20 m long);
  • for strapping a wooden grillage;
  • timber (20 × 20 mm, 4 m long);
  • edged board for cladding (22x100x6000 mm, 18 pieces);
  • OSB boards (2440 × 1220 mm, 6.3-8 mm thick);
  • board (20 × 100 mm, up to 40 m long);
  • timber (50 × 50 mm, 25 m long);
  • roofing material;
  • mineral wool (thickness - 10 cm) / extruded polystyrene foam (thickness - 5 cm);
  • pipes (length - up to 22 m, 40 × 40 mm);
  • mesh netting (length - 12 m);
  • polyurethane foam (2-3 cylinders);
  • roofing material;
  • self-tapping screws (length - 50 mm);
  • corners (50x50x35 mm).

From the tools for the successful construction of a duck shed, it is worth preparing:

  • electric drill;
  • jigsaw;
  • plane;
  • screwdriver;
  • concrete mixer;
  • pegs;
  • shovel;
  • saw / hacksaw;
  • level (2 m);
  • rope;
  • container;
  • square;
  • plumb line with a cord;
  • fasteners.

Making a duck house with your own hands

Before installation, it is worth not only carefully considering the project, but also deciding on a suitable place for the poultry house. Prepare the type and quantity of building materials according to the plan.

Seat selection

The territory for ducklings should be chosen as safe as possible for domestic animals. The walking area should be fenced off with a dense hedge. It is better to plan a barn away from a residential building, yard. Of the materials, preference should be given to natural wood, the thickness of which is at least 19 mm.


To build a high-quality shed, you need to make markings for the foundation using pegs and a rope. The process looks like this:

  • Remove the top soil layer, 200 mm is sufficient.

  • Dig holes 75 cm apart. In total, their number is 10 pieces, in diameter - 300-400 mm, depth - from 100 cm.

  • Place sand in each hole, layer thickness - 10 cm, and tamp. For the manufacture of formwork, pipes or roofing material, rolled up by a tube, are used. 4 rods are installed in each pit and fastened with wire. The height of the pipe above the ground level is 200 mm, the height of the rods from the formwork is more than 250 mm. The voids in the pits are covered with sand and compacted.

  • Fill the pipes with concrete.

  • Cover to avoid cracking the concrete. If work is carried out on hot days, then water is poured over. The next stage of construction of the duck house is carried out a couple of weeks after pouring the concrete solution.


Breeding ducklings at home requires the creation of optimal conditions for their development. The best option for building walls is to use wood or brick.

First, a frame is built, according to the plan, and then sheathed with boards. From the outside, the gaps are treated with polyurethane foam. It is good to use tow inside.


Most often, a poultry house is made with a lean-to roof. It is also thermally insulated and closes all gaps.

The main thing is that the duckhouse should be warm, dry, and good air circulation.


A well-equipped duck house is a guarantee of a comfortable existence for poultry. Everything is important here: both the feeding place and the recreation areas.


You can equip the barn with feeders purchased in the store. Or you can make them out of boards, a sewer pipe. It is safer to install containers closer to the wall, they are filled with food by only 1/3.

Drinking bowls

One duck consumes up to 600 ml of water per day. Drinkers are placed at a height of 15-20 cm from the floor. The container can also be bought or made by hand.


For nests, it is better to choose a place along the walls, opposite the feeding area. They are made from wooden boxes or bought ready-made, their dimensions are 60 × 60 cm, 70 × 70 cm. For 10 individuals - only 5-6 nests. Straw, sawdust are suitable for bedding.

Features of the construction of a joint chicken coop and duck coop

In the "hostel" you need to take care of effective ventilation and thermal insulation. For chickens, poles are mounted at a height, and for ducks on the ground - straw nests. Elevated places are chosen for perches. The feeding area can be shared.

Building a duck house is not difficult if everything is calculated correctly. Of the materials, it is worth using a tree, it is better to build a shed on a hill. With the right approach, you can make a poultry house for both ducks and chickens.

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