Description of the tomato variety Boyarynya F1, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Boyarynya F1, features of cultivation and care

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Tomato Boyarynya F1 is a high-yielding variety of salad origin with high taste. What features does a hybrid have?


Mid-season indeterminate variety. From the moment the shoots appear to harvest, 111-115 days pass. The height of the plant is 1.5–1.8 m. Due to this growth, the bushes need to be formed and pinned.

Inflorescences of an intermediate type are laid over 10 leaves and repeated every 3 subsequent ones. Leaves of medium size are colored green. Fruits are round, slightly flattened. Tomatoes in technical ripeness are green with a dark spot, and when they reach biological ripeness, they are pink-red. The pulp is tasty, tender, sweet. Fruit weight - 200-250 g.

Tomatoes are used for making salads, tomato juices. Due to the mild taste of the vegetable, children really like the preparations from it. With proper care, the yield is 12-15 kg per 1 sq. meters, in closed ground the yield can reach 15.6 kg. The Boyarynya variety is grown in the garden and in greenhouses.

The advantages of hybrid tomatoes include:

  • high productivity;
  • extended fruiting;
  • marketable condition;
  • good taste;

Features of growing and care

Like other varieties of vegetable crops, the Boyarynya F1 tomatoes are demanding on heat and nutrition. Caring for tomatoes includes the usual garden manipulations, which include:

  • Watering. Since the hybrid is hypersensitive to high humidity, the bushes are rarely watered. For normal development in dry weather, the bushes need only one plentiful watering per week. Provided there is regular rainfall, the frequency of watering is adjusted based on the condition of the soil. So that air can flow well to the roots, after watering, the soil in the aisles is loosened.
  • Transfer. Tomato seedlings dive twice: the first time, when thickened crops are planted, and the second - when planting plants that have reached 55-60 days of age, on a garden bed or in a greenhouse.
  • Garter. Tall, and especially large-fruited varieties, to which the hybrid belongs, simply need support. Pegs or trellises are installed after the plants take root after transplanting to a permanent place. For maximum productivity, the bushes are formed into 2-3 stems.
  • Top dressing. Fertilize tomatoes with organic or mineral fertilizers. At the first stages of growth, the culture is pampered with mixtures with a large amount of nitrogen, and during the period of fruit setting - potassium and phosphorus. It is impossible to overfeed tomatoes of any age with nitrogen, since under the influence of the substance, green mass actively grows instead of tasty fruits. During the growing season, top dressing is applied 2-3 times.


As you know, the description of the variety does not always correspond to the plant grown in the garden. However, in this case, gardeners respond positively to the variety. According to the opinions expressed on the forums, tomatoes are indeed very fruitful and tasty. Unlike all varieties of hybrid origin, the skin of the Noblewoman is thin.

Have you grown the variety Boyarynya F1? Please leave reviews about this plant to dispel doubts among lovers of self-grown vegetables who rely only on life experience.

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