Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Ladies' saint

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Ladies' saint

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Tomato Ladies' Man has recently earned a place on the list of those whose fruits appear early enough. The variety that we plant in well-prepared soil provides an incredibly excellent opportunity to get not only healthy food, but also tasty. Among a number of those people who tried the opportunity to plant this variety, no one was left offended, since the end result makes it clear that the work is not in vain. Let's figure out what needs to be done in order to get the desired fruits.

For open ground and greenhouses, it is desirable to use the Damsky saint tomato variety, which is undoubtedly good for canning salad. The variety will not be superfluous in the greenhouse, because it has a number of advantages. He ripens very early, the main thing is that it adapts to any unfavorable environmental conditions. The variety is able to survive in extremely low conditions, which plays into the hands of gardeners. Therefore, it is very profitable to cultivate it on your territory. Greenhouses are the best place to grow tomatoes. The main thing when working with him is to show proper care and care, not to forget to help him in the fight against those pests that can attack him.

What are the additional advantages of this variety

The most important description is that it is not only early maturing, but also tall. If a person is engaged in this business for the sake of selling, then such a variety is the best that can be imagined, because the timing of the appearance of fruits is so fast that one cannot but take advantage of the opportunity to improve not only his social status, but also the diet.

  1. The height of the bush is about 1.7 meters.
  2. Its leaf has a dark green color, it is large in size.
  3. The shape of the fruit is beautiful, about 120-150 grams.
  4. Another plus is that the fruits are adapted for constant transportation.
  5. For four weeks, the product is able to maintain its high-quality appearance, without at all losing its useful properties.
  6. The variety is rich in many vitamins, it is sweet, original, tender and juicy in taste.

Due to the fact that the variety can be grown in any conditions, the fruits are early and soft. This fact makes life easier for those who deal with this variety.

Therefore, the advantages can be written out in a row, even the reviews say about this:

  • excellent productivity;
  • great taste;
  • tempting colors.

Characteristics of the cultivation of the variety:

  • In order to achieve the desired growing result, you need a soil containing a low level of acidity. The soil should, like the seeds, be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, which is a disinfectant.
  • The planting depth should be 2 cm, and a distance of at least 1.5 cm must be maintained between the plants. After the first leaf rises, a dive must be applied. To do this, use a container 15 cm in diameter.
  • Landing at a specific (permanent) place is carried out in mid-May. The planting of tomatoes is carried out in a two-row way. The distance between the rows is 60 cm, and between the plants - more than 50 cm.
  • All ten days it is necessary to remove the stepchildren, and the plant must be formed into a single stem, this will give a greater yield.
  • When you are engaged in the cultivation of this or that variety, you cannot do without pests. They appear from where it is difficult to imagine. To fight them, you need to spray your creation with copper sulfate. This is an excellent solution to the problem without harming the variety.

What is the yield with the right technique

The best thing is 10 kilograms per square meter. As a result, we get a yield of 100 g weighing seven centimeters in length. They are in the form of a cylinder. They are elongated, their skin is soft, smooth and thin. The color of the fruit appears orange. As maturity increases, they begin to turn yellow. Tomatoes, the shape of which is elongated, absorb the excellent qualities of the product.

They are not only excellent in appearance, but also aligned and taste great. "Fruits are resistant to cracking," as noted by experienced gardeners.

Thus, the Ladies' Man tomatoes really please not only with their beauty, tenderness, softness, but also with their taste. It is necessary for all gardeners in the sense that it grows quickly, ripening so that it contains many vitamins necessary for the body. It does not lose its beneficial properties for a long time, and this is a plus! For a greenhouse, it will not be superfluous, because it will bear useful fruits, and it will be replenished with a certain zest, which has an orange color, which, undoubtedly, will brighten up the life of a gardener. Therefore, the tomato is excellent in its qualities and easy to grow. The main thing that he requires is love, care, courting, like all plants.

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