Dosage and instructions for the use of Ivermek for rabbits, how to give an injection

Dosage and instructions for the use of Ivermek for rabbits, how to give an injection

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Rabbits can be infected with helminths, parasitic insects. Without therapeutic support, animals become weak, lose weight and die. Preventive treatment of livestock is necessary, and in case of symptomatology of diseases - treatment. The complex preparation "Ivermek" is used for rabbits in the minimum dosage with good results in disinfection and prevention of diseases.

Composition, principle of action and form of release of the drug "Ivermek"

The medicine is intended for veterinary care. Refers to medications of systemic action, allowing the destruction of ecto- and endoparasites. 1 gram of "Ivermek" contains the active components ivermectin (10 milligrams), vitamin E (40 milligrams). Liquid for injection, transparent or with a lemon shade, is packaged in ampoules / bottles with a volume of 1/20/50/100/250/500 milliliters.

The active ingredient blocks nerve impulses and muscle contractions in larvae and adults of roundworms, itch mites, lice and fleas, which leads to their paralysis and death. The parasiticidal effect of the drug is from 10 to 14 days after the injection. It is excreted from the body of rabbits through the kidneys, gallbladder.

In the air, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the drug loses its chemical activity. It is not very dangerous for humans, like a class 3 substance. Highly toxic to insects and fish. The prescribed doses do not cause intrauterine deformities, do not affect genetic inheritance.

Indications and contraindications

"Ivermek" is prescribed for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in case of symptoms of infection in rabbits:

  • scabies mites;
  • lice;
  • fleas;
  • nematodes (round parasitic worms).

The medication is not applied to rabbits with infectious diseases, with a body weight below normal, with intolerance to the ingredients of the composition.

Instructions for use and dosage of the drug for rabbits

"Ivermek" is administered intramuscularly. For rabbits, the dosage is 0.1 milliliter per 5 kilograms. The medicine for injection is prepared on the basis of saline (sodium chloride 0.9%) in the ratio of 2.5 milliliters of saline to 0.1 milliliters of "Ivermek".

The injection is done by lifting the withers of the rabbit with two fingers of the left hand between the shoulder blades. The volume of the syringe depends on the number of animals to be vaccinated. The needle of the syringe should pierce the skin and reach the muscle layer.

When infected with ticks, lice and fleas, a second injection is given after 10 days to destroy the parasites that have emerged from the eggs laid. For helminthic invasion, prophylactic treatment is done once every 6 months. Each new bottle is pre-tested on 2-3 rabbits. In the absence of complications, all animals are treated within 72 hours after injection.

Side effects and overdose

After the administration of the drug, in rare cases, animals may experience:

  • diarrhea;
  • increased urination;
  • increased salivation;
  • physical weakness;
  • loss of appetite.

Symptoms disappear without treatment in 3-7 days.

An overdose of the drug is expressed:

  • drooling;
  • trembling limbs;
  • loss of appetite;
  • frequent bowel movements;
  • depressed state.

For detoxification, the amount of fresh vegetables and herbs in the feed is increased. Ivermek should not be used with drugs of the same class (macrocyclic lactones), for example, erythromycin, oleandomycin, mibelmicin. Simultaneous reception can increase the toxicity of the action, cause side effects.

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Before slaughtering rabbits for meat, at least 28 days should elapse after injection. In case of forced slaughter, the meat product is suitable for feed in animal farms.

Safety when interacting with veterinary medicine

During antiparasitic treatment, it is not recommended:

  • smoking;
  • drink;
  • there is;
  • drip on hands with Ivermekom.

After the procedure, hands are washed under running water and soap. If the solution comes into contact with the skin or eyes, it should be rinsed under a copious stream of water for 3-5 minutes. To stop an allergic reaction or if swallowed, medical attention is needed. Used vials must be disposed of, cannot be used for household needs.

Storage conditions and terms

The medication retains its medicinal effect for 2 years, subject to storage requirements:

  • with intact cap / ampoule;
  • at temperatures from 0 to +25 degrees;
  • in a shaded place.

After breaking the integrity of the package, "Ivermek" is used no later than 43 days.


When animals are allergic to Ivermek, special medications are used to treat helminthiasis or arachnoematoses.

Levamisole 75. Purpose - treatment of nematodes of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. The active ingredient is levamisole. A 50 ml bottle contains 3750 milligrams of levamisole. The medicinal effect is based on blocking the respiratory cycle in the cells of the parasite, disrupting their bioenergetic metabolism, which leads to the death of helminths.

Method of application - single subcutaneous injection without a preliminary fasting diet and the use of laxatives. The maximum dose is 2.5 milliliters per kilogram of rabbit weight. Before processing the entire livestock, the drug is tested on 2-3 animals. In the absence of side effects, apply to all rabbits. Slaughter for meat is possible 7 days after injection.

Piperazine. For the treatment of chronic helminthic disease in rabbits (passalurosis), piperazine salts (piperazine sulfate and piperazine adipate) are used. The therapeutic dose, harmless, including for pregnant women, lactating females and rabbits, is 1.5 milligrams per 1 kilogram of weight.

The medicine is mixed into a fodder mash of grated root vegetables, boiled potatoes, grass cuttings, moistened feed after an 18-24 hour hunger strike. In cases where some rabbits do not eat such food after 2 hours, then grated vegetables should be added to it, mixed and given to the animals again.

Ricazole. Anthelmintic drug based on ricobendazole (1 milliliter = 100 milligrams). The mechanism of action is blocking the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of parasites. The drug is used once, intramuscularly at the rate of 1 milliliter per 25 kilograms of weight (for rabbits - 0.1 milliliters per 2.5 kilograms). The preparation for injection is produced in bottles of 100 milliliters.

"Butox". Remedy for fleas and scabies mites. Yellow oily liquid. The active ingredient is deltamethrin (a class of pyrethroids). It is applied to the animal's coat within 3 days. Therapeutic action is a violation of nerve patency in parasites. Before use, the drug is diluted with water in the ratio: from fleas - 1 milliliter per 1.3 liters, from scabies mites - 1 milliliter per 1 liter.

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