Description of the variety of cucumbers Funny guys, cultivation features and yield

Description of the variety of cucumbers Funny guys, cultivation features and yield

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Rarely does a summer resident not grow this crop on his site. Cucumber Cheerful guys is a very early variety. Vegetable growers grow them in order to feast on their favorite vegetable as early as possible.

Basic ideas about the variety

A heat-loving plant loves unshaded areas, timely watering and care. A detailed description will help the summer resident understand whether this variety is suitable for the needs of the family or not.


  • Parthenocarpic, female flowers predominate.
  • Medium branched.
  • It matures within 37-40 days.


  • Green colour.
  • Shape: oblong.
  • Weight 75-95 g.
  • Length 7.5-10 cm.
  • Doesn't taste bitter.

How to plant a culture correctly?

In order to grow cucumbers on the site, the Funny guys do not have to do anything special. Agrotechnical techniques are the most common: watering, weeding, loosening, mulching and feeding.

Two growing methods are used:

  1. Seedling method. Seeds are planted in advance, by the time of planting in a permanent place, the seedlings should be 2-3 weeks. There is no need to injure the plant, so the seeds are planted in special peat pots. When transplanted into soil, they decompose, turning into fertilizer. And the root system remains intact. The seedlings experience less stress. Seedling care is no different from caring for other varieties. Water, fertilize and observe temperature and light conditions. So the plants will be powerful and begin to bear fruit faster in a permanent place. This method of planting cucumbers will yield a harvest 2 weeks earlier.
  2. Sowing in the ground. The seeds are planted in specially prepared holes. Filled with a nutrient mixture, add a little wood ash to each well. The soil should be warmed up to + 17 ⁰С. In each region, the landing time is different. An important condition is the absence of a night temperature drop. Water as needed.

The planted seeds are covered with a film, this will increase the germination rate.

Regardless of which method of cultivation is used, you need to remember that cucumber culture likes draft-protected areas. Placed at 1m2 3-4 plants in the open field, 2-3 pcs. in the greenhouse.

Care features

Particular attention must be paid to plant nutrition. Organic fertilizers, manure, or poultry droppings work best. But you can also use complex mineral compositions. This will help the plant grow faster, form a strong root system and ovaries.

Water the plants with warm water, preferably in the evening. Loosening and hilling will help retain moisture longer and provide oxygen to the roots.

Supports must be installed in advance, as the crop grows better in an upright position.

Cucumbers Funny guys F1 is recommended to pinch, starting from the 3rd shoot and remove the whip above the 2nd leaf.

Disease susceptibility

As the characteristic of the variety shows, cucumbers are immune to the following diseases:

  • Cucumber mosaic.
  • Olive spot.
  • Powdery mildew.
  • Downy mildew.

For other diseases, preventive treatments are required. Until the plant begins to bloom, they do it with the help of drugs bought in specialized stores. Afterwards, it is advisable to use folk methods of struggle so that harmful chemicals do not get into the fruits.

Processing is carried out using:

  • Iodine.
  • Zelenka.
  • Wood ash.
  • Garlic solution.
  • Serum.

In some cases, feeding the plant helps. Mullein, bird droppings and other excipients are used.

Positive characteristics of the variety

The presence of a certain number of pros and cons leads to the fact that cucumber varieties either gain popularity, or are not in demand at all among summer residents.


  • The yield is 13-14 kg per 1m2.
  • Sets fruits at low temperatures.
  • Resistant to disease.
  • Versatile in application. Suitable for fresh salads and canning.


  • Requires pinching and garters.
  • Seeds do not retain parental genes.

For some, this variety will seem bad, for others it will be good. The positive opinion of gardeners leads to an increase in the popularity of the species.

What do summer residents say about the Merry Guys variety?

Many vegetable growers look for reviews before buying seeds of a certain type. Those who planted crops on their site leave comments. In them, they share their own opinions or give specific advice.

  • Lydia: “We have planted cucumbers on the plot. Cheerful children, gathered the harvest in buckets. They ripen very quickly, taste excellent, do not taste bitter. "
  • Anastasia: “I haven’t found the best variety for pickling, except for him. Leaving the minimum benefit to the maximum. I like the whole family. "

Sometimes it takes several years to find the right variety. But those who have planted cucumbers at least once "Merry Guys" recognize its benefits.

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