Description of the tomato variety Gold of the East, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Gold of the East, its characteristics and productivity

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Tomato Gold of the East got its name for its yellow-orange color, reminiscent of the color of a noble metal. The variety is part of the “Eastern Delicacy” tomato series, which combines tomatoes that are exotic in taste, color and characteristics. The plant is adapted to Russian conditions, grows successfully in any type of greenhouse, as well as in unprotected soil. The fruits are sweet, tasty, weighing up to 400 g.

Variety characteristics

Salad tomatoes are valued for their taste. Delicate pulp, high sugar content gives tomatoes an unusual, fruity taste. If we add to this the exotic, honey color of the fruit, then we can say with confidence that such a "gold" vegetable will become a worthy decoration for any table. The gold of the East is just such a variety of tomatoes that attract attention with their appearance and taste, somewhat reminiscent of the famous oriental sweets. This is the description of the variety.

The variety is mid-season, with a growing season duration of 115 days, which allows it to be grown in central Russia, with a fairly short period of above-zero temperatures.

  1. The variety is recommended for cultivation in various types of greenhouses. In areas with a warm climate, it can be safely cultivated in open ground without shelter.
  2. The plant is tall, reaches a height of 2 meters during the growing season. The indeterminate type of bush requires timely pinching of the growing point and regular removal of lateral shoots.
  3. In one cluster, from 4 to 6 fruits are formed, the mass of which on average ranges from 120 g to 200 g, especially large ones reach a weight of 400 g.
  4. Fruits are oval elongated, yellow with an orange tint. The pulp is juicy, dense. The taste is assessed as excellent. The purpose of tomatoes is salad, despite this they are well ripened and stored.

Gold of the East is a grade that has earned only positive reviews for its excellent consumer qualities. Excellent taste allows you to use the fruit for preparing fresh salads, snacks, all kinds of exotic dishes.

Important! Unripe tomatoes are removed from the stalk and ripened at room temperature. After 6–8 days, the fruits acquire the characteristic flavor and aroma of the variety.

Growing features

In matters of caring for the variety, the manufacturer does not put forward any unusual requirements:

  1. Sowing seeds for seedlings is recommended in mid-March. Tomato seedlings are transplanted into the greenhouse in the second half of May.
  2. Planting scheme 40x70 cm, with a frequency of 4 plants per sq. square meter. Plants are necessarily tied to a reliable support or trellis.
  3. The bush is formed into 1-2 trunks, depending on climatic conditions. With the formation of 4–6 brushes, the growth point is pinched. Side shoots are removed weekly to prevent the stepchildren from overgrowing.
  4. Traditional tomato care, including watering, weeding and planned feeding.

Tomatoes are harvested at the end of July and August. The fruits are harvested in stages, as they ripen.

The main advantage of tomato is its taste characteristic, which is especially appreciated by gardening lovers. Tomatoes Gold of the East is often called a gourmet holiday and is recommended for preparing salad and snack delicacies with minimal heat treatment. Plant these wonderful vegetables on your site and personally appreciate their taste.

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