Description of the tomato variety Prince Silver, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Prince Silver, features of cultivation and care

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The silver Prince tomato attracted many gardeners with its size and round shape of the fruit. But this is not the only advantage of the hybrid. The piggy bank has positive qualities and excellent taste characteristics, and a large mass of fruits.

Varietal characteristics

The bush is indeterminate, has unlimited growth, therefore it is often grown in greenhouses. It reaches a height of 2 meters. Leaves are dark green, medium. Early ripening in greenhouses, medium in open areas. The first cluster forms from 8 to 10 fruits, the next clusters - 5-7 fruits. Requires a garter when grown.

Tomatoes are large - an average of 300 grams, some fruits reach 500 grams. The shape of the fruit is round, in an immature form, the color is green-brown, in the mature state it is red. The pulp is fleshy, dense. The taste is tomato, sweet, with sourness. Has 4 to 6 seed nests. Designed for fresh consumption. But you can make juices, sauces, pastas and many other products from it. It has excellent commercial qualities: it is stored for a long time, easily transfers transportation.

Positive traits

The characteristic of the variety notes many positive qualities that are noted in reviews from gardeners:

  • high productivity;
  • large fruit size;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • disease resistance;
  • transportable qualities;
  • excellent presentation.


How to grow such tomatoes, we will consider below. To do this, carry out the usual manipulations of growing seedlings, picking and transplanting seedlings into the ground.

These manipulations should be carried out from mid-March to late May - early June. But you should monitor the weather conditions in each region separately. So, planting seedlings in the ground is carried out at an air temperature of 22 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night. Planting seeds is carried out 2 months before transplanting plants into the ground.

When planting seeds and seedlings, use fertile soil with the use of humus. In the process of growth, the Prince of Silver tomatoes are fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers.

Caring for the bushes Prince of silver

When growing tomatoes, the following manipulations are constantly carried out:

  1. Watering plants - as the soil dries up.
  2. Weeding the beds is necessary so that the weeds do not absorb fertilizers.
  3. Loosening of the soil is carried out to retain moisture and ventilation of the root system.
  4. The garter of the bush is carried out so that the brushes with tomatoes do not break off under the weight.
  5. Fertilizers for micronutrient intake and better growth.
  6. If necessary, plants and soil are treated with fungicides. This procedure is needed to disinfect the bushes in the presence of diseases.

If you carry out these procedures constantly, you will end up with an excellent harvest of large and ripe tomatoes Prince of Silver f1.

Overview of variety reviews

Thanks to its high yield and massive fruits, the variety received positive reviews from grateful gardeners.

  • Marina from Voronezh: she planted the Prince for testing last season, I really liked the tomatoes. Large, juicy, one bush produced about 20 tomatoes weighing 300-500 grams. We squeezed juice out of them and made pasta. Very tasty products turned out. But she did not dare to preserve. The size is too big.
  • Gennady from Belarus: I plant tomato bushes every summer, once I got seeds Prince silver. I liked the description, the bush is tall, on one bush it ripens up to 10 brushes as it grows. The tomatoes are large, one fruit is enough for a bowl of salad for the whole family. Delicious, sweet, fruitful. I did not find any negative characteristics. Now I recommend it to my friends and relatives.

Judging by the reviews, tomatoes have many positive qualities and, with proper agricultural technology, will surprise any gardener, even a beginner, with their beautiful fruits.

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