Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mars F1, yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mars F1, yield

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Tomato Mars F1 deserves attention not only because of its good resistance to major diseases, but also due to its excellent taste and marketability. The hybrid is grown mainly for fresh consumption. The variety is very unpretentious, it needs standard care.

Characteristics of the variety

Mars F1 tomatoes are early maturing. The ripening period ranges from 94 to 100 days from the moment of germination. Determinate, the bush is not very branched, the fruits begin to form over the 6th leaf. Plant height does not exceed 60 centimeters. The leaves are dark green, small, slightly corrugated.

The description of the fruit suggests that the tomatoes of this variety are flat-round in shape, at maturity they have a rich red color, smooth. There are 4 - 5 seed nests. Tomatoes are small, weighing 60 to 80 grams. Excellent taste. Fruit composition:

  • 4.5 - 5.5% dry matter;
  • 3.4% sugar;
  • 26 mg of ascorbic acid;
  • acidity is 0.5.

Those who planted this hybrid on an industrial scale noted the high yield. One hectare can be harvested from 176 to 403 quintals of high quality ripe tomatoes. In comparison with other similar varieties, this is a very good indicator.

Summer residents who grew Mars F1 tomatoes on the site noted their good resistance not only to late blight, but also to the top rot of the fruit. The positive qualities include the stable yield of the variety.

Growing features

Anyone who at least once planted hybrid varieties of tomatoes on the site managed to appreciate their advantages, but at the same time faced certain problems. It is impossible to independently collect and prepare seed material from a hybrid; you have to buy new seeds every year. Even if you manage to get seedlings from your own blanks, you will have to forget about the initial characteristics of the mother plant. This also applies to tomatoes of the Mars F1 variety - the fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of summer residents-experimenters.

Like most hybrids, these tomatoes provide a high yield with minimal maintenance. Among other things, the variety is resistant to aggressive environmental conditions, little susceptible to pests and major diseases. But even these landings require some protection and care.

Tomatoes Mars F1 are not too picky in the choice of soil, but they show the best result precisely on fertile and light soil. They respond well to timely feeding and application of organic fertilizers. The main care is watering, loosening the soil and controlling weeds.

As for watering, the main thing here is not to overdo it. The fruits of Mars F1 are resistant to cracking and tolerate transportation well, however, roots can rot from excess moisture, which will lead to the inevitable death of the bushes. Irrigation is carried out when the topsoil is dry enough.

To prevent rapid evaporation of moisture and drying out of the soil, it is advisable to mulch it. In addition, the used organic mulch, when rotted, will serve as an excellent fertilizer.

Tomatoes Mars F1 have proven themselves well both for growing on private household farms and on an industrial scale. Suitable both for fresh consumption and for all types of harvesting and processing. As evidenced by the reviews of experienced gardeners, tomatoes tolerate transportation well over long distances without losing marketability.

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