Characteristics and description of the Jane tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Jane tomato variety

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Jane's tomato was named the best tomato variety. Due to its positive characteristics, this variety is very fond of summer residents and gardeners. The fruits are characterized by excellent taste, while they do not require the creation of special conditions for growing. However, in order to get a good result, there are several important factors to take into account. Before you start planting, you need to read the description of Jane's tomato.


Jane's tomatoes belong to the middle-ripening group of vegetables. The variety is versatile, it can grow both in open and closed ground - in greenhouse conditions, it can also be grown under a temporary shelter. This species is referred to as determinant varieties, which means that the bushes of plants are low, they rarely grow above 80 cm. Fruiting of tomatoes occurs en masse, at the same time several fruits appear on one bush at once.

Important: Determinant varieties are ideal for growing in cool regions with short summers.

The fruits have a flat-round shape, they are red in color. The skin of the vegetable is thick and dense. The weight of one tomato can reach up to 190 grams. Tomatoes are characterized by excellent taste, there is a slight sourness. The flesh of vegetables is fleshy and aromatic. Jane's tomatoes are best consumed fresh. They can also be used in cooking for salads, tomato juice and as an addition to various dishes.

The fruits perfectly tolerate transportation and can be kept fresh for a long time. To do this, they need to be placed in a glass jar and sent to a cool place.

Jane's tomatoes were bred by the Gavrish Seed Breeding Company, which is engaged in the selection of varieties and hybrids.


The Jane variety is characterized by an increased yield. With proper care, up to 4 kilograms of vegetables in the open field can be obtained from one bush, greenhouse tomatoes yield up to 6 kg of harvest. You can sow seeds for seedlings in late March or early April, and when the first real leaf grows, it is necessary to make a pick. Tomatoes are planted according to the scheme 40 x 50 cm. From the appearance of the first shoots to the appearance of the first fruits, it takes from 110 to 119 days.

Even if many flowers have formed on the bush, this does not mean that the harvest will be rich, the flowers may subsequently fall off. To prevent this from happening, the method of mechanical pollination should be used. This is done by lightly shaking the bush by the stem.

Growing tips

To get a decent crop of Jane tomatoes, there are a few tips to take into account:

  1. Tomatoes are planted in sunny places and require a lot of light.
  2. Each shrub requires a sufficient amount of moisture, so they should be watered regularly. The greatest amount of water, tomatoes are required during ripening and fruiting.
  3. The fruit ripened on the bush will taste better, therefore, it is advisable to give the tomatoes the opportunity to ripen in natural conditions.
  4. Tomatoes are fertilized only at an early stage of development, after which this procedure should be suspended so that ovaries are formed, after which feeding can be resumed.

Jane tomatoes are resistant to various diseases. They do not succumb to fusarium and verticilliosis. At the end of the summer season, the bushes need to be treated with antifungal agents. At this time, the risk of late blight infection increases.

Jane's tomato is a high-yielding variety.

The fruits are very juicy and tasty. One of the main advantages of the variety is its simplicity. Jane can be grown in the open field and in the greenhouse, getting a decent harvest from one bush. The characteristics and description of the Jane tomato variety will help gardeners decide whether to grow this type of tomato on their garden plot.

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