When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2021 according to the lunar calendar

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2021 according to the lunar calendar

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Almost every gardener who is engaged in the annual planting of vegetables is interested in growing tomatoes. To get a good harvest, it is recommended to decide in advance on the most suitable dates for planting seeds. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance when to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2021 and whether it is possible to do this in winter.

When to plant a vegetable in January

Some gardeners are trying to grow tomato seedlings in January 2021. Indeed, this vegetable has a rather long development period, which in some cases is more than 100 days. Experts do not advise planting tomatoes with seeds this month, since the January days are too short and young seedlings do not have enough sunlight to develop normally.

If, nevertheless, it was decided to plant the seed precisely in this month, then this should be done only on favorable days. Planting tomato seeds for seedlings should be carried out on January 30, 10 and 8. According to the lunar calendar, it is on such dates that it is better to plant a tomato in 2021.

Before planting tomatoes in the first month of winter, it is necessary to prepare the room in which they will be grown in advance. Special fluorescent or metal halide lamps should be placed near the tomatoes for additional lighting. Without them, even vegetables planted on favorable days according to the lunar calendar can quickly wither and dry out.

When to plant tomatoes in February

For planting tomatoes for seedlings, the February winter days are great. If you sow grains in February, then by the end of May it will be possible to plant the grown seedlings in open ground or in greenhouses. This month it is worth planting large-fruited and tall varieties, since they are the strongest and can be grown without additional lighting. All other varieties are grown only in rooms with additional lamps.

Before you start sowing seeds, you need to determine the favorable planting days in February according to the lunar calendar. It is recommended to do planting after the 16th, when the new moon comes. It was at this time that the month turns into the most suitable sign for planting tomatoes - Pisces. It is better to plant a vegetable on the second or third day of the new moon - February 18 or 17. At the same time, the seeds should be planted until 4 pm Moscow time.

Many people advise planting tomato seeds in February, since this month after the 16th there are no unfavorable days for planting. Therefore, if it did not work out to do the landing on the 17th or 18th, then the procedure can be postponed.

When can you plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2021 in March

You can also plant tomatoes in 2021 in March. Some argue that it is too late to sow tomatoes in the first month of spring, but this is not the case. Many people sow them in the spring, as this vegetable grows quite quickly if grown in good conditions. As the moon increases in size, almost any day in March is suitable for landing.

In March of this year, two full moons can be observed at once, which will be on the 31st and 2nd numbers. It is on these days that no one sows tomatoes, since they will definitely grow badly. It is also worth giving up planting vegetables on March 17, since there will be a new moon on this day. It is recommended to plant the seed on the 24th, 26th, 21st and 20th. The above dates are best suited for planting tomato seeds.

When to sow tomatoes for seedlings in April

Few people prefer to plant tomatoes in 2021 in April, since at this time spring is in full swing and many vegetable growers are already thinking about replanting previously grown seedlings. April days are the last dates for planting seeds for growing seedlings. If you plant them later than April, then the bushes will not have time to grow normally even by the onset of September. It is recommended to plant only early ripening varieties in mid-spring so that they can be transplanted to the site by summer.

It is recommended to plant a vegetable after the 14th, when the Moon moves to the constellation Pisces. However, residents of the northern regions are better off planting tomatoes early, as their summer ends earlier. For them, a favorable date for landing will be April 4-5, when the Moon passes into the sign of Libra.

How to plant tomatoes for seedlings

Having determined the date of planting tomato seeds for seedlings in February 2021, you should familiarize yourself with the features of planting this vegetable.

Seed processing

Before sowing the seed, you need to do the preliminary preparation of the planting material. To begin with, you should sort the seeds in order to select only the highest quality seeds for planting. For this, a special saline solution is prepared, consisting of 150 grams of salt and a liter of boiled water. In a container with liquid, the seed will have to be soaked for at least half an hour. During this time, seeds will begin to float upward, which are unsuitable for further planting.

To prevent tomato seedlings from suffering from serious diseases, all grains are disinfected before planting. Disinfection is carried out with a weak manganese solution. For its preparation, 2 grams of manganese are added to 200 ml of water, after which the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Soak the grains in manganese for about 40 minutes.

Also, before planting, the seeds must be soaked in a liquid with mineral fertilizers. This is done for better germination of tomatoes in the ground.

Soil preparation

It is necessary to plant tomatoes for seedlings only in the most suitable soil. For the development of tomato seedlings, loose soil is ideal, which contains many nutrients and retains moisture for a long time.

You can buy a suitable potting soil at the store or make your own. Many vegetable growers prefer to prepare soil for planting with their own hands. To do this, two parts of turf, peat and fresh sawdust are added to the land for growing seedlings. All components are thoroughly mixed, after which a little sand with fresh manure should be added to the mixture.

To grow healthy seedlings, the soil must be cleaned of pathogens and other pests. For this, the soil mixture should be slightly frozen. Containers with soil should be periodically taken out into the street throughout the winter. In this case, in the cold, the soil should be no more than three hours.

Thanks to the prepared soil mixture, the sown tomato seedlings will receive the required amount of all nutrients during cultivation.


When all the seeds and soil mixture are completely ready, planting the tomato for seedlings begins. To begin with, all containers must be filled to the top with the prepared soil mixture. Then the earth is watered with warm water and small holes are made in it for planting grains. Sow seeds not too deep so that the seedlings hatch faster. When the sowing is complete, the tomato pots are covered with foil and transferred to a room with good lighting. In this room, seedlings must be grown before further transplanting into open ground.


Planting tomatoes is of interest to many gardeners who like to grow vegetables. Some of them do not know which days to give preference to and start planting seeds. To figure out which days are suitable for planting tomatoes for seedlings in 2021, you should familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar.

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