TOP 3 recipes for making sugar-free currant jam for the winter

TOP 3 recipes for making sugar-free currant jam for the winter

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As you know, currants have many useful properties, so they are often used for making dessert. The impeccable taste of sugar-free currant jam for the winter and its benefits last for a long time.

Features of making blackcurrant jam without sugar

Before preparing any preservation, you need to take care of the utensils used in the cooking process. It is necessary to cook the delicacy in an enamel pan or using a multicooker, which is equipped with a bowl with a non-stick coating.

When preparing a blackcurrant dessert, it is important to exclude any contact of the berries with the metal. Use only plastic or wooden tools in your work.

Making jam is possible only from ripe berries harvested a week after full ripening. For a long time, it is not recommended to keep the harvest on the branches, since the amount of useful elements in the currant is slowly decreasing.

The storage of the harvested product should not be long, it is better to cook the jam immediately after collection.

The main feature of making jam from currant berries is that the preparation does not pass without the process of grinding the berries through a sieve. This will allow those who do not like their presence in the finished product not to think about the presence of peels, seeds.

Preparation of containers and products

Correct sterilization of cans and lids is also important, otherwise germs will penetrate into the dessert and it will deteriorate.

Note! For rolling currant jam, varnished lids are taken, since ordinary metal is highly oxidized under the influence of berry juice.

Glass containers are thoroughly washed out with warm water and soda, rinsed several times in cold water. After that, sterilization is carried out over the kettle, in the oven for several minutes.

Do not choose too large currants for jam, the berry will quickly burst and creep. It is better to take a medium-sized product with the same ripeness for dessert. The fruits must be:

  1. Black.
  2. Dense.
  3. Shiny.

Before making the jam:

  • the berries are sorted out;
  • washed out;
  • tails are removed;
  • the fruits are dried on a clean towel.

The best cooking methods

The choice of preparations for the winter from currants can be different, it all depends on taste.

A simple recipe for sugar-free currants for the winter

To cook the jam, you need 1 kg of berries.

How to make dessert:

  1. The currants are washed and dried.
  2. The berries are poured over the jars to the brim.
  3. The container is installed in a pan, water is poured, which should reach the shoulders of the jar.
  4. The water heats up, but should not be brought to a boil so that the container is not damaged.
  5. As the currants are boiled, fresh ones are added. This process is carried out until it is noticeable that the berries will no longer settle.
  6. The jars are covered with lids, and the jam is cooked for another hour.

The container rolls up, turns over and cools down in this position.

Red currant variant

To make a red and black currant dessert, you will need the following ingredients:

  • berries - 1 kg (black currant should be 2 times more than red);
  • sugar - 1.5-2 kg.

Cooking process.

  1. The berries are separated from the twigs and washed.
  2. They are sent to the dishes and brought to a boil over low heat. If the currants are taken dry, then you can pour in a little water.
  3. When the main ingredient boils and bursts, the required amount of granulated sugar is thrown in. The amount of sugar will depend on how sweet the berries are, what kind of shelf life is needed and how thick the jam is.
  4. Again, the mass is brought to a boil over low heat.
  5. Sometimes you need to stir the jam and remove the foam.
  6. The dessert is boiled for 10-15 minutes, and in order to preserve the jam for a longer period, it is necessary to cook up to half an hour.

The delicacy is poured hot. After that, it should stand for 20 minutes in an open jar. This is necessary so that a protective layer forms on the dessert. Then the jar is rolled up or closed with a plastic lid.

Blackcurrant jam with fructose for diabetics

When preparing a dessert for diabetics, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • black currant - 1 kg;
  • fructose - 750 gr. (1 kg sorbitol);
  • agar-agar - 15 gr.

The main ingredient is cleaned of twigs, put in a colander to rinse. Then the berries need to be chopped. You can use a blender.

The finished mixture is transferred to a saucepan, sprinkled with fructose and agar-agar on top, everything is mixed.

Next, the pan is sent to the fire, the mixture is cooked until it boils. After the jam is poured into the jars, and they are rolled up.

How and how long can the workpieces be stored?

Storage conditions for currant jam are simple. It can be a cool dark place, as all preparations for the winter like.

Storage is possible for several years, the delicacy will not lose its useful properties.

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