Description of the Paradise apple tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Paradise apple tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

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The Paradise apple tomato is planted both in the open field and in a film greenhouse. In many regions, climatic conditions are not suitable for growing tomatoes, since the fruits do not have time to ripen before the onset of fogs, after which the leaves and stems of the plant turn black. Many varieties do not tolerate high humidity, sharp temperature jumps, and prolonged absence of the sun.

What attracts a tomato?

Despite the fact that it is not easy to care for the Paradise apple, summer residents and farmers prefer this tall variety and appreciate:

  • for resistance to adverse weather;
  • for the taste of the fruit;
  • for early ripening of the crop.

Tomatoes do not crack during transportation, do not lose their attractiveness during a long journey. They contain more than 15% ascorbic acid. This vitamin strengthens the immune system, slows down the aging of cells, and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Description of the variety

The name speaks about the high taste of tomatoes. On the tall bushes of the Apple of Paradise, compact inflorescences are formed, on which, after 100 days, the first fruits ripen. They differ:

  • rounded shape;
  • smooth skin;
  • fleshy pulp;
  • pink or red.

One multi-chamber tomato weighs from 150 to 240 grams, but it is impossible to collect seeds, since there are practically no seeds in the fruits. Almost 4 kg of juicy tomatoes are removed from one plant in the garden.

In a greenhouse, they sing a little longer than in a garden bed, from all sides, illuminated by the sun. On the open ground, the bush rises up to 1.5 meters in height. The Paradise apple variety is tied to the supports and 2 stems are left.

Growing and planting

Seeds, which can be bought in specialized stores, are placed in a solution of Fitosporin or potassium permanganate. After 12 hours, they are sent to containers with a mixture of peat and sand, having previously fed the soil with urea and superphosphate. In a greenhouse, where the air temperature should be about 25 degrees, the bushes are transplanted at the end of April. For 1 sq. meter is placed on 3 tomatoes. They dive as soon as the first leaf appears.

The soil for growing tomatoes in the open-air garden is dug up in the fall, a little lime is added. In the spring they put organic matter. In the holes, watered with warm water, the culture is sent at the end of May, when frosts are no longer expected. The holes are covered with earth and compost. Trellises are installed nearby.

How should you care?

In order for tomatoes to give a good harvest, and up to 9 kg of sweetish fruits are harvested from 1 square meter, each bush must be fed at least 4 times per summer. The Paradise apple growing in the garden is watered twice a week, if it does not rain, they are moistened more often in the greenhouse.

When forming the ovary, the soil is fertilized. The painting is done when the brushes appear. To prevent the tomato from growing up, pinch the bush. After each watering, the soil should be loosened.

Reading reviews about the Paradise apple, we can conclude that the advantages of the variety include:

  1. Disease resistance.
  2. Ripening of the crop both under the film and in the garden.
  3. Ease of care.
  4. Attractive fruit appearance.

The apple of paradise tolerates unfavorable weather well.

The taste of fresh tomatoes can be appreciated in a salad. A lot of aromatic and bright juice is obtained from them. These tomatoes are also suitable for canning. The Paradise apple cultivar is grown by farmers for sale, since the crop can be transported over long distances.

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