Description of the tomato variety Zabava and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Zabava and its characteristics

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Tomato "Zabava" is also known under such names as: "Adam", "Auria", "Ladies' whim", "Women's joy", "Manly dignity", "Women's happiness". The variety is fruitful, indeterminate, mid-season. Bred by breeders in Novosibirsk in 1997. Recommended for cultivation as a greenhouse variety, but in warm regions it gives excellent yields on the ground.

Variety characteristic

The period from seed germination to harvest is about 110 days. The bush of the plant is high, grows up to 1.5-2 meters. The trunk is flexible, it is best formed into 1 stem in cold climates, and 2 stems in warm climates. Be sure to tie up, remove stepchildren. On the open ground, you can grow "Fun" on a trellis.

Up to 14 brushes can form on one bush of a plant of this variety. These tomatoes grow in clusters, each cluster contains 8-10 pieces, and sometimes more. The weight of the fruits is 100-150 g, there are specimens and larger, and the length is 12-14 cm. The fruits do not crack during growth and ripening. A varietal tomato, its seeds do not lose their properties in the second and in subsequent generations, so they can be harvested independently. The yield from one bush under good conditions can reach 6-7 kg.

Characteristics of the fetus

The shape of the Zabava variety is exotic: elongated, ellipsoidal with a bifurcation at the end. The color of ripe tomatoes is bright red. On the inside, the section is homogeneous, red, without white veins.

The pulp is dense, tasty, aromatic, the seeds are small. These tomatoes are perfect for preservation and fresh consumption. They are good when mashed, like mashed potatoes. Well transported. If they were harvested at the beginning of ripening, lie 2-3 weeks.

Growing features

  • Sowing

For sowing, tomato seeds "Zabava" should be previously held in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for 1-2 hours. After disinfection, they are sown in cassettes or boxes with soil.

  • Seedling

Seeds for seedlings are sown 60 days before planting in a permanent growing place. Planting scheme 50 x 40 cm, 3 bushes per 1 sq. m.

  • The soil

He loves slightly acidic soil with a high calcium content, therefore, in the fall, liming of the soil should be carried out on the site.

  • Crop rotation

Do not plant Zabava tomatoes after a tomato or potato. The best precursors for tomatoes are cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, parsley, and dill.

  • Top dressing

Tomatoes are very sensitive to the potassium content in the soil, therefore, you should carefully consider the composition of the soil on the site and apply potassium fertilizers according to the scheme three times during the entire growing period.

  • Seed collection

Only the best grains are left for the seeds. These fruits should be removed when they are fully ripe on the bush.

The description of the procedure is as follows: after carefully cutting the fruit, you need to select the seeds and lay them on cardboard or gauze in one layer to dry. It is best to dry in a well-ventilated warm place.


The tomato is practically not susceptible to diseases, therefore it was characterized as resistant. However, due to its unusual elongated cylindrical shape and length, as well as an increased need for calcium, it can develop apical rot.

To prevent diseases of tomatoes "Zabava" they are sprayed with Bordeaux mixture or preparations: Megafol, Gumfield, SVIT and others. Liming of the soil is a preventive measure against top rot.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The exotic form of the tomato "Zabava" can be attributed to both the advantages and disadvantages of the variety. Dignity is the unusualness, rarity, amusement of this type of tomato, and the disadvantage is the indecency of the species.

Complex disease resistanceNeeds potassium and calcium more than other varieties
Good tolerance to temperature differencesWhen ripe, the fruits crumble from the bush
Good taste
Long-term storage

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