Description of the Malvina tomato variety, growing conditions and disease prevention

Description of the Malvina tomato variety, growing conditions and disease prevention

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The early ripe bristle tomato variety Malvina is included in the State Register of Plants Recommended for Growing in Open and Indoor Ground. The fruits are tasty and beautiful, used for fresh consumption and conservation. Many gardeners have already planted Malvina on their plots and left positive reviews about the variety.

Variety characteristics

Early ripe, carpal tomato variety. From planting the seeds to the first harvest, 85-100 days pass. The bush is tall, reaching 1.4–1.8 meters in maturity. When growing, it requires a garter and pinching. The best yield is obtained when a two-stem plant is grown. Up to 16 fruits appear on one inflorescence.

The tomatoes are round, small. One fruit weighs about 14-26 grams. Unripe green, ripe red. Feature of cherry tomatoes:

  • Up to 4.5 kilograms of fruit are removed from one square meter.
  • The taste is sweet without acid, the flesh is firm.
  • The variety is intended for direct consumption and conservation.

Agrotechnical growing conditions

Seedlings are planted in the ground when the air temperature rises to 22 degrees. Seeds are sown for seedlings 60 days before transplanting tomatoes into the ground.

Saplings are placed on the site at the rate of 3 bushes per 1 square meter, the layout is 60 by 40 centimeters. The soil for growing tomatoes is light loamy. Tomatoes do not tolerate high air humidity, neutral is 50-60%. At higher rates, the fungus begins to multiply and infect plants. For the fruitful development of plants, you need to carry out the following manipulations in the beds:

  • Weeding the soil.
  • Loosening.
  • Watering the beds.
  • Garter and pinning.
  • Inspection of green mass to detect diseases.
  • Timely harvest.

Similar in characteristics hybrids and varietal tomatoes

Breeders have already developed many cherry varieties with similar characteristics. Among them:

  1. Bulls-eye.
  2. Cherry red.
  3. Ira.
  4. Dr. Green Frostad.
  5. Ocean.
  6. Cherry Blosem.
  7. Margol.

This is not a complete list of cherry tomatoes grown in the backyards of our homeland. All varieties have a carpal type of fruit ripening, a high stem and small, beautiful berries on the bush.

What to do to prevent diseases

Most often, tomatoes suffer from fungal infections in greenhouses. Since Malvina tomatoes are intended for production in greenhouses due to the high growth of the whip, consider a description of the main measures for the prevention of diseases:

  • Keeping the room warm and humid will help prevent tomato infections. You should not water the entire bush, at the root is the best way.
  • To disinfect seedlings before planting, they are treated with 0.5% Bordeaux mixture. The treatment is repeated on the planted shoots after 2 weeks.
  • To disinfect the soil in the beds, it is sprinkled with ash or watered with infusion.
  • In case of temperature changes and the appearance of fogs, the bushes are sprayed with a solution of kefir or whey: 1 liter of fermented milk product is added to a 10-liter bucket of water.
  • Plants are also treated with copper chloride oxide at the rate of 40 grams per 10-liter bucket of water.
  • After processing with chemical elements, fruit collection is resumed after 2 weeks. The preventive measures taken will protect the garden with Malvina tomatoes from infection with fungal diseases.

If the recommendations for the cultivation, care and disinfection of plants are followed, agronomists will get an excellent harvest of healthy, beautiful and tasty tomatoes without much effort.

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