Instructions for use of the drug Bushido from the Colorado potato beetle

Instructions for use of the drug Bushido from the Colorado potato beetle

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Bushido helps protect from the Colorado potato beetle against the arthropod that eats the leaves and tops of nightshade crops. The remedy defeats parasites, before which other drugs are powerless. An insecticide from the neonicotinoid class not only cracks down on larvae and adults, but also helps to restore leaves and strengthen bushes.

Bushido, a new generation pesticide, paralyzes insects by acting on the digestive and nervous systems in 3 stages.

Description of the tool

The drug, which goes on sale in the form of granules, packaged in sachets weighing 500 and 200 mg, contains not one active ingredient, but three at once:

  1. Alpha-cypermethrin is not absorbed into the tissue of the potato, but is deposited on the leaves. After eating the poison, the beetle dies.
  2. Clothianidin reanimates culture cells, penetrating into each of them.
  3. Imidacloprid prevents the pest from destroying plant tissues responsible for the process of photosynthesis.

Poisonous substances that, together with the foliage, enter the insect's body, interfere with the functioning of the nerve channels. After their penetration, paralysis of the entire system develops, the parasite dies.

The secret to efficiency

Many farmers and gardeners who process tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes prefer to use Bushido, as this remedy for the Colorado potato beetle kills pests instantly. The secret of the effectiveness of the insecticide lies in the systemic action of the active ingredients. The drug simultaneously paralyzes insects and promotes plant growth and development. Bushido is characterized by other advantages that not all chemicals have:

  • the composition does not penetrate into the tubers;
  • is spent sparingly;
  • does not wash off with water.

Insects die by sucking in sap or simply by touching the leaves. The composition acts most effectively during the first days, does not lose its properties for almost a whole month.

The insecticide can be combined with other drugs that are available to combat various pests. Timely processing of crops helps to preserve the harvest of vegetables.

What insects does it work against?

Insecticide Bushido copes not only with the Colorado potato beetle, which eats the leaves of eggplant, tomato and potato, but also with other parasites. The drug is used to treat seeds and tubers for planting, spray the tops and green parts of plants when the growing season begins.

An inexpensive product released in Russia destroys insects that infect peppers, cucumbers, flowers:

  • aphids;
  • leafhoppers,
  • thrips.

An insecticide is effective against leafworm caterpillars, which cause great harm to apple trees, currants, grapes, eating the ovary. Bushido destroys whiteflies that appear on roses in extreme heat and humidity.

The product is sprayed with cucumbers, tomatoes, melons and gourds when sprinkled with aphids. Leaves curl on infected plants, flowers fall off. Many chemicals do not work on these insects, but after processing Bushido, they die.

Instructions for use

Before preparing the solution, you need to read the annotation, which indicates the dosage. When it is exceeded, toxic substances penetrate into root crops, and potato bushes turn yellow and dry out.

The composition is prepared before processing the plants. In a dark place, you can leave it for two days. Granules from a sachet of 0.2 g are mixed with cold water, the contents are designed for 5 liters of liquid, 0.5 - for 10. The solution is shaken and poured into a sprayer or spray bottle.

Treatment is resorted to before or after flowering, what needs to be done when there is no wind. If it does not rain for 2 hours, both adults and larvae will die. To destroy not only beetles, but also eggs, you need to spray the leaves both from the outside and from the inside. The pests disappear completely after 5 days.

Insects will bother potatoes less if the tubers are treated with Bushido before planting. The product can be stored for 3 years without opening the package.


Work with toxic substances in a protective suit, goggles and rubber gloves. An insecticide that has a class 3 hazard for humans, if the rules of use are not followed, it provokes:

  • the appearance of a rash on the skin;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • stomach upset.

When preparing the solution and using the Bushido drug, it is necessary to refuse food, water, and do not smoke. You can only dig up potatoes 3 weeks after spraying. Processing flowering plants can lead to the death of bees.


Not all gardeners use Bushido to protect nightshade crops; many prefer other means.

Insecticide Aktara, developed in Switzerland, acts on pests through intestinal contact. It destroys parasites when processing plants in heat and in high humidity. Insects after spraying do not appear from 2 weeks to a month.

Bankcol is made on the basis of a substance obtained from sea worms. The nicotinoid insecticide is compatible with fungicides and growth promoters. The drug is not dangerous for bees, animals, but Colorado beetles quickly get used to it.

Gulliver contains 3 active components, each of which affects the nervous system of an arthropod insect, causing convulsions. The product loses its effectiveness when used in hot and windy weather.

Blocks the functioning of sodium channels in parasites cypermethrin, which is the main substance of the insecticide Intavir. The poison enters the insect's body in two ways - intestinal and contact.

Karate affects the nervous system of beetles, contributes to the violation of their calcium metabolism. This synthetic pyrethroid protects potato plantings for 40 days.

Commander effectively fights pests. The poisonous substance, penetrating the stems and leaves, suppresses the transmission of impulses in insects. They stop feeding and move, fall to the ground and die.

The Colorado insecticide has a triple effect, the active ingredient of which is imidacloprid, which provokes the development of paralysis in parasites. The drug is dangerous for humans, animals and bees.

Every year, manufacturers release new products to protect potatoes and other vegetable and horticultural crops from pests. Unfortunately, the Colorado potato beetle is addictive.

Due to its complex composition, the Bushido preparation instantly destroys insects, restores cells of damaged plants.

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