Descriptions and characteristics of the best new varieties of roses for 2021

Descriptions and characteristics of the best new varieties of roses for 2021

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New and interesting varieties of roses in 2021 will surprise professional gardeners and novice summer residents. Hybrid plants with flowers of all kinds of shapes and colors are ideal for decorating home gardens, decorating flower beds, balconies and for composing compositions and bouquets. Some varieties of varietal roses are so small that they can even be grown in pots on a windowsill.

The best peony rose varieties for 2021

The first piano-shaped roses were bred by the English botanist David Austin in the 50s of the last century. These luxurious flowers are shaped like peonies. The roses are lush, round, with an abundance of petals. Peony varieties come in a variety of colors, from pure white to maroon. All Austin hybrids perfectly tolerate the vagaries of nature and rarely get sick.

Pink hybrids

Pink flowers are the most delicate and exquisite. Roses of this variety have lush flowers with a captivating and rich aroma. They are ideal for decorating flower beds and for bouquets.


The variety was bred in the UK in 2005. Flowers are pink, lush, single, 12 centimeters in diameter. Bushes grow up to 1.5 meters in length. It blooms twice a season. The scent is light, almost imperceptible.

Constance Spry

Delicate pink double flowers, bred by English botanists in 1961. The climbing shrub can grow up to 6 meters in length. There are many thorns on the stem. The buds are collected in inflorescences, in each - 6 pieces. The diameter of the roses is 14 centimeters. The plant grows well in partial shade, needs support.


Classic pink variety from the Austin selection. The flowers have a light creamy shade, they are very lush, large. The diameter of the rose is 14 centimeters.

Cultures with red flowers

Burgundy or bright red roses are a selection classic. Flowers are grown to decorate the infield or for bouquets.


Peony-like variety. Flowers - more magnificent, open, purple hue. Diameter - 8 centimeters. The length of the bush is 1.8 meters. Flowers are collected in bunches. On one branch - up to 5 buds. The shrub blooms twice.

Manstead Wood

The variety is not afraid of the vagaries of the weather and diseases. Flowering is abundant and long lasting. The bush grows up to 1 meter in length. In the inflorescence - up to 5 buds. The flowers are velvety, lush, open, rich burgundy hue.

Varieties with yellow and white buds

White roses are traditionally used in wedding compositions. True, it can be difficult for breeders to obtain a snow-white color. Most often, roses have a slightly creamy shade. Yellow varieties of roses look great in a flower bed and in a vase.


The variety was bred by breeders of the David Austin Roses company. Small compact shrubs 90 centimeters high. On the stems there are about 6 buds. The flowers are lush, snow-white, open, with double petals. They bloom twice a season.

Claire Astin

Developed by David Austin Roses. The height of the shrub is 150 centimeters. 3 buds are formed on one stalk. The flowers are in the shape of a cup. The petals are white, slightly creamy. Diameter - 10 centimeters. Intense aroma. Blooms twice. The variety rarely gets sick, it tolerates rainy weather very well.


The variety was bred by English botanists in 2012. Lush bush, 120 centimeters high. On one stalk there are 5 lush white buds. The diameter of the flowers is 12 centimeters. The aroma is reminiscent of the smell of apples. It can bloom twice a season.

Graham Thoman

Roses were bred in 1983. Shrubs reach 1.5 meters in length. On one brush - up to 5 buds. The diameter of the flowers is 12 centimeters. The petals are bright yellow, with a peach tint. The aroma is slightly sweet. They bloom at the very beginning of summer, again in autumn. It perfectly tolerates the vagaries of the weather.

Golden Celebration

The shrubs are large, 1.5 meters long. Each branch has up to 5 buds. The diameter of the flowers is 16 centimeters. Coloring - honey-yellow, rich aroma, floral.

Popular bush crops

Shrub roses are weather-sensitive plants. However, thanks to the efforts of breeders, varieties have been bred that feel great in a temperate continental climate. Roses of this variety are suitable for decorating flower beds, hedges, arches.

Climbing varieties

Climbing roses have long, flexible stems that require support. The flowers are small, collected in large inflorescences. Plants bloom once, only in June, but abundantly. The flowers have almost no scent. This group of roses is called Rambler. Some varieties of climbing plants have straight and rigid stems, huge flowers. This group of roses is called Climber. The flowering of such roses is long, but not very plentiful.


The flowers are lush, with petals of a dark pink or red hue. The diameter of one flower is 3.5 centimeters. Roses are collected in dense flowering inflorescences. Thin and flexible liana-shaped stems reach 4 meters in length. Flowering is profuse and long lasting. The variety perfectly tolerates frosty winters, rarely suffers from powdery mildew.

Super Excels

An improved variety developed by German breeders in 1986. It has a distinctive quality - profuse double flowering. Flowers are deep pink, densely double, with a diameter of 4 centimeters. From 5 to 40 pieces of buds appear on one flower cluster. Lush bush, medium length (up to 2 meters), flexible, almost without thorns. The variety rarely gets sick, tolerates rainy summers or drought well.

Baltimore Belle

The bush can grow up to 2 meters in length. Flowers - pink, double, up to 5 centimeters in diameter. Flowering, at least once, but long. Baltimore Belle has been blooming for almost a month. The plant tolerates severe winters well.


The plant reaches 2 meters in length. The flowers are very simple, with a slight aroma, scarlet, with a white heart. The diameter of the roses is 12 centimeters. The plant blooms profusely, blooms in June, again at the end of summer. Rarely sick, tolerates frosty winters well.

Erinnerung an Brod

The bush is spreading, reaching 2.5 meters in length and 2 meters in width. The flowers are dense, lush, double, purple. The diameter of one is up to 8 centimeters. Collected in inflorescences (each - up to 8 roses). Bushes bloom again, from the beginning of summer to the onset of frost.

English view of spray roses

Many varieties of roses are included in this category. Shrub flowers are very beautiful. They can bloom once a season or repeatedly. David Austin's bush roses are especially popular. Its flowers resemble hybrid tea, the plants have compact bushes and a very rich aroma spreading throughout the garden.

Abraham Derby

A variety of English selection, was obtained in 1985. Abundant flowering, remontant. The length of the bush is 1.5 meters. The flowers are lush, like old ones, large, up to 14 centimeters in diameter. Pink on the sides, apricot in the middle. The plant needs support, it is very lush, it loves the sun. Blooms all summer. The aroma is fruity-strawberry, sometimes citrus, with hints of lemon.

Benjamin Britten

The variety was bred by English botanists in 2001, named after the composer. It is a plant with remontant flowering. The height of the shrub is 1.4 meters. Rosettes are brick-red. Rosettes - cupped, terry. The flowers have a fruity aroma. The plant rarely gets sick, it tolerates frost well.

French view

Galika became the progenitor of French roses. This is a wild shrub. Breeders crossed it with various species and received a new line of varietal roses. French varieties have red, pink or purple flowers, flowering - once. Compact bushes reach a length of 1.5 meters.

Rosa galica

An old variety of French roses. The bush reaches 1.5 meters in length. The flowers are red, semi-double, very fragrant. In autumn, bright red fruits ripen on the bushes. The plant is viable, tolerates the vagaries of the weather, rarely gets sick, does not freeze in frosty winters.

Cardinal de Richelieu

The variety appeared 150 years ago. Large double flowers have a rich purple hue. They are extraordinarily fragrant. The diameter of the flower is 10 centimeters. Roses bloom only once a year, in the middle of summer. There are almost no thorns on the stems. Bushes reach one meter in height.

Hybrid tea roses

Garden roses of extraordinary beauty. The first variety of this variety was obtained at the end of the 19th century by French breeders by crossing a tea and remontant variety of roses. A distinctive feature of such roses is the regular shape of flowers with petals wrapped in a spiral, as well as long flowering. Bushes bloom in late June and bloom until autumn.

Big Purple

A variety bred in New Zealand. The bush grows up to 120 centimeters in length. The flowers are cup-shaped, double, stuffed with petals, rich crimson color. The diameter of the rose is 13 centimeters. After cutting, the flowers do not fade for a long time. Roses bloom throughout the summer. The variety does not tolerate a rainy climate.


The flowers have a pale pink color. The height of the bush is up to 1.2 meters. The flowers look like glasses, they are terry, graceful. The diameter of the rose is 11 centimeters. Single and very elegant roses usually grow on long stems.

Floribunda roses

A variety of roses, bred at the beginning of the last century, by crossing a tea and polyanthus varieties. The bushes of the floribunda variety are low (up to 40 centimeters), medium (up to 0.8 meters), high (more than 1 meter). Flowers are cupped or goblet, simple or double. Floribunda roses are distinguished by a variety of colors, long flowering, disease resistance and low winter temperatures.

Niccolo Paganini

Favorite variety of many gardeners. A beautiful flower with velvety dark cherry petals. Bushes reach a height of 0.8 meters. Up to 12 buds are formed on the stems, they open quickly and bloom for a long time. The plant looks like a ready-made bouquet of scarlet roses.

Lily Marlene

Roses of this variety have blood-red flowers. The diameter of the roses is 8 centimeters. Terry flowers, neat. Blossom in brushes, 15 pieces each. The bush is low, up to 0.5 meters in height. The plant seems to be covered with scarlet flowers. The aroma is light, you can only feel it up close.

Roses patio

A variety of re-blooming roses bred by the Irish in the 80s of the last century. They are distinguished by a low bush, an abundance of tiny flowers with a strong aroma. Roses look great in pots and as flower bed decorations.


The height of the bush is up to 0.5 meters. The plant is characterized by abundant and continuous flowering. The flowers are yellow, lush, with many petals twisted in a spiral. The diameter of the roses is 5 centimeters. Up to 6 buds are formed on one brush. The plant rarely gets sick. It tolerates frosty winters very well.

Sweet Magik

The most common variety in the UK. Mini roses with a bush height - 0.45 centimeters. The flowers are orange-golden, with a sweet strong aroma. Repeated flowering. The plant is resistant to disease.

Anna Ford

A variety developed by English breeders in 1980. The plant has a lush small bush, strewn with small flowers. The stem reaches a height of 45 centimeters. The flowers are orange-red with a yellow center. Roses rarely get sick, they winter well.

Miniature varieties of roses

Flowers are usually grown in peaks and decorate stairs, balconies or window sills with them. In the garden, mini-roses are planted only if the area of ​​the site does not allow planting large shrubs. Miniature roses were first introduced to Europe from China in the 19th century.

There is another version of the appearance of this variety of beautiful flowers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the gardener Dr. Roulette saw a tiny bush covered with small flowers in the Swiss mountains. The variety multiplied by him was named Rosa Rouletti. These flowers are the ancestors of modern mini roses.

A characteristic feature of such varieties is considered to be low growth bushes. The plant is about 25 centimeters long. True, some varieties of mini-roses have bushes with a height of 0.45 meters. These small plants are in no way inferior to their classic relatives. The bushes are abundantly covered with flowers of various shapes and colors.

Roses can be up to 2 centimeters in diameter. Flowers are single or collected in lush inflorescences.

Pur toi

Bred in 1946 by Spanish breeders. Bushes are low, reaching a height of 25, less often - 40 centimeters. The stems are straight. Leaves are elongated, glossy. The flowers are white, with a yellowish tinge. In the half-open state, they are shaped like glasses. The diameter of the flowers is 3-5 centimeters. The blossoming double flowers have 20 petals. Up to 9 buds are formed on one branch. Bushes bloom profusely. May get sick with powdery mildew. The plant tolerates frosty winters well.

Bush Baby

Bred in 1983 by English breeders, a variety of roses. The height of the bush is 25 centimeters. The flowers are pale pink, lush, open, double. The diameter of the flower is 3-4 centimeters. Roses are collected in inflorescences. The bush is covered with an abundance of flowers on top. Roses have a very faint scent. The plant rarely gets sick, tolerates severe winters well. It blooms for a long time and abundantly.

Mister Bluebird

The variety was bred in California in 1960. Mini bushes reach a height of 40 centimeters. The flowers are semi-double, purple or lavender, white in the middle. They don't smell at all. Roses rarely get sick, they tolerate wintering well.

New varieties of roses bred in 2021

New varieties of roses have improved characteristics compared to their relatives. Such flowers have a longer and more abundant flowering. The roses themselves are distinguished by amazing shapes, beautiful colors. Flowers are grown to decorate the garden or in pots, to decorate balconies and verandas. New items almost do not get sick, they perfectly tolerate the vagaries of the weather, they can endure severe winters and not die.

Vanessa Bell

A variety bred by English botanists. Named after interior designer and artist Vanessa Bell. Bushes grow to a length of 1.5 meters. The stem is erect, with dense foliage. The flowers are medium in size, up to 10 centimeters in diameter. The roses have a very delicate peach color. The aroma is intense, with lemon notes. Terry flowers (about 25 petals in the middle), cupped. The shrub blooms profusely, almost the whole summer. It tolerates wintering well. Ideal for decorating your garden.

Dame Judi Dench

A variety bred by English botanists, named after the British actress Judith Olivia Dench. Roses have a beautiful apricot hue. The flowers are lush, with whitening edges, a light aroma of tea and kiwi. The rosettes are ruffled, with many petals of various shapes and sizes and a dark center. The shrub blooms throughout the summer. Plant height - 125 centimeters. The plant perfectly tolerates rainy weather, almost does not get sick with powdery mildew. The shrub is slightly spreading. It grows very quickly.

Ideal for natural garden decoration. The plant can grow even in partial shade. Flowers are preserved for a long time after cutting.

Eynshent Mariner

Bred by British breeders, the variety is named after ST Coleridge's poem "The Tale of the Old Navigator." Roses have long flowering and a large number of pink delicate flowers. These plants have a very strong myrrh scent. The flowers are lush, with a rich pink center and pale edges. The diameter of the flowers is 10-15 centimeters.

The bush is above average size (1.5 meters). Great for decorating the background of a flower bed. The variety forms many large flowers, almost without interruption throughout the season.The plant rarely gets sick, it winters well under the cover of snow.


A new kind of roses, bred by English breeders. Named after the heroine of Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello". This is an amazingly beautiful white rose. Desdemona has a long flowering period and a rich myrrh scent. The buds first have a peach color, then open into cupped white lush flowers.

Roses do not lose their beautiful appearance even in rainy weather. The bush is healthy and large, 1.2 meters high. The blossoming flowers have a strong and heady aroma. The plant does not get sick, it can withstand frosty winters.

The variety of roses allows every gardener and summer resident to choose the variety they like and plant on their site. It is advisable to buy flowers in nurseries or from well-established producers. It is not recommended to purchase roses from random vendors in the markets. The plants they offer do not always match the variety.

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