Why cucumbers bloom, but do not tie: what to do, how to spray and process

Why cucumbers bloom, but do not tie: what to do, how to spray and process

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One of the favorite vegetables of summer residents is a cucumber, which begins to bear fruit early in greenhouses. But it happens that all the conditions are created, but it is not clear why cucumbers are not tied in the greenhouse. You can fix the problem if you know the reason for the absence of the ovary and fruits.

Why cucumbers don't bloom

Their fruiting depends on the appearance of flowers on the bushes of a vegetable. The appearance of fruits and the yield of a vegetable depend on the number of female inflorescences. But sometimes, a situation arises that cucumbers do not bloom, and this happens for various reasons:

  1. The lack of flowering is due to the quality of the seeds. If seeds are stored for more than two to three years, then they rarely give viable shoots. But seeds that have just been harvested from fruits are not always good material for the growth and flowering of cucumbers.
  2. Vegetables are sterile if their nutritional balance is disturbed during the growing season. Overdoing it with nitrogenous fertilizers, they get long whips and a lot of lush greenery. And the plant is not going to bloom.
  3. Watering with cold water leads to the fact that flowers in the axils of the leaves do not appear for a long time. It is clear why there is no harvest of cucumbers either.
  4. Excess moisture in the soil negatively affects the plant, when the stems begin to rot, and the flowers that appear dry out.
  5. If, during flowering, the air temperature in the greenhouse rises, reaching 30 degrees, then the rudiments of flowers crumble.
  6. Stuffiness, lack of air, tightness in the greenhouse will not allow the plants to develop correctly, then there is no ovary on the cucumbers. Suspension of the growth of lateral shoots, on which fruits develop from female flowers, will lead to loss of yield.

Competent preparation for planting a vegetable, organizing care for it in a greenhouse will help cucumbers to be with flowers.

Why cucumber ovaries do not grow in a greenhouse

In hot weather, ovaries on cucumbers appear on time, but grow poorly and dry out.

Ovaries do not develop because:

  • the greenhouse is not ventilated;
  • greenhouse vegetables are at an air temperature of over 32 degrees and a humidity of 90 percent;
  • plants are not pollinated due to the lack of male flowers on the plant and insects in the greenhouse;
  • insufficient nutrition in the soil.

Diseased plants will also not give full-fledged ovaries:

  1. The appearance of rot is associated with the defeat of pathogenic fungi. With the development of infection, all parts of the plant are covered with white myceliums. The plant stops developing. To save cucumbers, affected leaves, stems, ovaries are cut off, sprinkled with lime or crushed coal on top. Thickened plantings are thinned out, removing diseased bushes. Then the ovaries will begin to develop more actively, having received enough air.
  2. Powdery mildew inhibits the growth of cucumbers and their ovaries. As soon as a white bloom appears on the leaves, then it is necessary to pollinate the cucumbers with sulfur powder.
  3. Brown spotting occurs when the greenhouse is cool and humid. Treatment with Bordeaux liquid will stop the development of the disease.

Having established the reason that the cucumbers are not tied, they carry out competent agrotechnical procedures.

Why cucumbers bloom, but there are no fruits: competent organization of planting

If cucumbers are not tied in the greenhouse, then the reason lies in planting and preparing for it.

The composition of the soil for cucumbers must be nutritious. To tie the fruit, prepare a mixture of equal parts of sod land, peat, sand and vermiculite. Instead of vermiculite, they take sawdust and some coconut fiber.

Healthy shoots appear faster and cucumbers will develop better if rotted manure is put into the basis of the soil substrate, adding half less sod land and a little sand to it. Seedlings do not like acidic soils, so it is best to neutralize the pH level.

On the garden bed in the greenhouse during the flowering of the plant, there should be enough potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. The elements are applied in the form of fertilizers to the soil in advance. Treat the soil from pathogenic fungi by spilling boiling water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Cucumber seeds are pre-sowing treatment. Their:

  • sorted by dipping into a saline solution;
  • disinfected in a 1% sodium permanganate solution;
  • germinate in wet layers of gauze or toilet paper.

It is better to sow the cucumbers directly into the greenhouse, since the seedlings do not tolerate picking well. For this, compost beds are prepared in the room, a nutritious soil mixture is placed on top of them, the layer of which is twenty-five centimeters. After abundant watering, two seeds are placed in the holes. Cucumbers will be better tied if no more than four plants are placed on one square meter.

From above, the sown bed is covered with a polyethylene film. When shoots appear, the shelter is removed.

Why the ovaries do not develop: what to do

If there are few female flowers, then you should not expect a lot of fruits. And from the fallen ovaries, all the more you can't wait for them. Flowers can dry out from temperature changes. You can save the planting of a vegetable by mulching. Cover the soil around the bushes with a layer of sawdust, straw, hay, fallen leaves. Mulch will help to retain moisture in the ground, inhibit the growth of weeds.

Hypothermia is not allowed, otherwise there will be no ovary on cucumbers in the greenhouse. Therefore, during flowering, control of the air temperature in the greenhouse is established.

Cucumbers do not set when they lack potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. If the soil in the greenhouses is poor, then the cucumbers are fed with fertilizers every week. In order for the vegetables to grow, they alternate feeding with organics and minerals. Sprinkle the leaves of the plant with nutrient solutions. This will allow you not to face a problem when the cucumbers are blooming, but there are no ovaries. And they will not turn yellow.

You can increase the growth and number of ovaries by regular harvesting. Cucumbers are harvested every morning, then the duration of fruiting increases until late autumn. In a fruit-bearing cucumber, ovaries are formed constantly.

The varieties of cucumbers are either self-pollinated or not. Self-pollinating vegetable grows better in greenhouses. They choose it because you don't have to bother with pollination in order to grow fruits. Seedlings are quickly obtained from seeds, and there are much more fruits on such plants. Self-pollinated cucumbers will not turn yellow. 96 percent of the ovaries turn into greens with delicate pulp and crunchy taste.

When a situation arises that cucumbers bloom but do not bear fruit, the reason lies in the lack of phosphorus in the soil. You can take the nutrient from wood ash, it is better absorbed from it by the roots of the plant. To prepare the nutrient solution, two tablespoons of ash are diluted in ten liters of water. Processing of cucumber beds takes place in cloudy weather after loosening the soil. After feeding, the fruits do not dry out and are poured faster.

You can improve fruiting by pinching the central stem and side shoots of the first and second levels. The procedure will lead to the fact that the number of female flowers will increase, and, therefore, there will be a lot of cucumbers.

Why do flowers fall, but there are no cucumbers

If you don't know what to do when the cucumbers are blooming, but there is no ovary, then you need to revise the conditions for growing the plant, the rules for caring for it.

A vegetable begins to shed flowers when:

  • the irrigation regime is violated - the soil is either dry or waterlogged;
  • groundwater is close;
  • there is not enough phosphorus, potassium in the beds;
  • lack of light and air in the greenhouse.

The formation of a bush in one or two stems must be carried out without fail. If the central shoot has grown and the lateral stems do not elongate, then the yield will be small. After all, the main fruits are tied on lashes of the second and third order.

But cutting off male flowers, or barren flowers, is completely unacceptable. They are needed for pollination. If there are too many of them, then it is necessary to reduce the frequency of watering, and spray the cucumbers from above.

When the cucumbers do not bear fruit, it is necessary to water the ridges abundantly and feed them with rotted manure. It is better to process plants with special fertilizers such as Azofosk, Kemir.

The constantly moist soil in the greenhouse will prevent the fruit from pouring. The soil must be dried without watering for three days. The leaves will wither, and the female flowers will delight you with the setting of fruits.

During periods when the cucumbers are not poured, they remain small, it is necessary:

  • attract insects for pollination;
  • add foliar dressing by taking a tablespoon of urea and three - baking soda on a bucket of water;
  • spray the bushes with warm water.

To prevent the appearance of fallen flowers, you can treat cucumbers with a suspension of copper oxychloride at a concentration of 0.4 percent or a Bordeaux liquid.

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