Can rabbits be given oats and how is it right

Can rabbits be given oats and how is it right

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In order for the rabbits not to get sick, to breed regularly and gain weight, it is important not only to feed them correctly, but also to choose the right products. Therefore, animal owners must know if oats can be given to rabbits, how to cook it, how to give it correctly. It is also imperative to get information about what harm the use of oats in the diet of rabbits can cause.

Is it possible to feed rabbits with oats

For full growth, development and weight gain, rabbits need to be given grain. One of the best grain options for animal feeding is oats. It is distinguished not only by its high nutritional characteristics, but also by its excellent taste, therefore it is readily eaten by rabbits.

Oats make up an essential part of the diet of animals. It is especially useful for feeding rabbits, as it is easily absorbed and promotes rapid growth without accumulation of excess fat. This is a high-energy food, because 100 grams supply the body with 330-360 kilocalories. Also, cereals are rich in trace elements, contain magnesium, zinc, silicon, copper, as well as vitamins A, E, F, group B. The grain contains the following components:

  1. Carbohydrates - 55%
  2. Protein - 10%.
  3. Fat - 8%.

For rabbit breeders, this type of cereal is beneficial, since it grows well even under not the most favorable conditions, gives high yields, is well stored, without changing its organoleptic and nutritional qualities. It is also an advantage that it can be fed dry to animals. This reduces feed preparation costs and saves time for breeders.

Methods for preparing cereal for feeding

Adult rabbits can eat any kind of oats, including dry ones. But the cereal can be steamed, crushed, mixed, added to other feed, including given along with granulated or green products, mixed feed. For rabbits, groats need to be specially prepared, since young animals are not yet able to cope with whole grains, even so soft.

In addition, crushed foods are easier to digest and better absorbed by the delicate digestive systems of growing organisms.


This method is considered one of the best, as it helps to increase the health benefits of cereals. During germination, the percentage of nutrients, especially vitamins, increases, which is important in cold weather and for rabbits in need of enhanced nutrition: pregnant and lactating females, growing rabbits.

For germination, the following procedures are performed:

  1. Whole, undamaged, long grains are selected.
  2. Pour in an even layer into a container, cover with water 2 centimeters above the grain level.
  3. Leave the cereal to swell for half a day.
  4. The finished product is transferred to plastic bags with holes for excess liquid to drain off.
  5. When the seed sprouts, it is fed to the animals.

It is necessary to accustom rabbits to a new type of feed gradually, gradually adding to the usual feed. If this is not done, the animals can get sick due to bloating and flatulence.


When steamed, the cereal becomes especially soft and tender, retaining its useful properties, therefore it is excellent for feeding rabbits. With it, they grow vigorously, and the prepared product improves digestion and absorption, thanks to which the rabbits gain weight faster.

Prepare porridge as follows:

  1. Grain is poured into a container, leaving up to 10 centimeters of free space from the edge.
  2. Pour boiling water.
  3. A tablespoon of table salt is introduced into the mixture, mixed thoroughly.
  4. The container is closed with a lid.
  5. Withstand up to 6 hours.

The prepared product is given to rabbits 4-5 times a day.


To increase the nutritional value of oatmeal, yeast is carried out. Such a product is most often used to feed rabbits of meat breeds - with it they gain mass more energetically. Oats that have passed the yeast can be fed to adult animals and rabbits older than 4 months.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. A kilogram of selected grain is crushed.
  2. Dilute 35 grams of yeast in 2 liters of warm water.
  3. Crushed oats are poured with a prepared solution with yeast.
  4. Leave to ferment for 6-9 hours.

The composition must be stirred during fermentation so that the process goes evenly. For morning feeding of animals, it is convenient to make the mixture at night.

How to give oats to rabbits

Animals regularly eat oats in any form, so it is worth stocking up in large quantities along with other feeds. The dry product is given in grain mixtures with other cereals, in whole or crushed form. Steamed oats are great for baby rabbits, which can be gradually converted to dry, chopped grain. When they reach six months, rabbits can already be fed whole oats.

Cereals are given to babies up to 4-5 times a day, to adult animals - 3 times. Rabbits should always have free access to drinking water. Yeast foods are more suitable for adolescent and adult meat rabbits, as they contribute to rapid weight gain. Overfeeding animals is harmful.

Contraindications and possible harm

Oats are a healthy and easily digestible food, but they can be harmful to health if not cooked correctly or given in too large quantities. Grains have 8% fat and a lot of protein, so an excess of it will lead to obesity if the diet is incorrectly calculated. In summer, the amount of grain feed should be reduced, with an emphasis on greens, grass and succulent roots.

In winter, in cold weather, rabbits have an increased need for high-calorie food, so the proportion of oats in food should be increased.

Little rabbits are not fed oats and other grains for up to a month. Crushed and steamed food is given to animals older than 1-2 months for 1-2 tablespoons as part of a mash. Rabbits over 4 months old can receive small amounts of yeast oats.

When feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to the behavior of the animals and their state of health. They may react differently to a product. If bloating and diarrhea appear, this means that the rabbits are being fed too much oats or the type of processing is not suitable for these animals. With a properly formulated diet, feeding oats is beneficial. The animals look great, they are vigorous, strong, with shiny fur and excellent health.

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