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Is it possible to shift the flowering of phalaenopsis

Is it possible to shift the flowering of phalaenopsis

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In the summer, I am 4 months in the country, it is inconvenient to take all phalaenopsis there and then back, is it possible to shift the flowering in autumn or winter or early spring?


I admit, I meet such a desire for the first time. Usually they ask for advice on how to make an orchid blossom. I also care about one moment. Even if you achieve a delay in flowering, without care for such a long period, the flower may die or become ill. Indeed, for phalaenopsis, temperature and humidity are of great importance.

If you go from the opposite, then when a flower is transplanted into a too large pot and if it is prematurely pruned after flowering, the flowering time is shifted by at least 6-7 months. The content in the pot of fresh manure, fresh bark and sawdust makes it impossible to bookmark and release the peduncle. However, you must understand that by such actions you injure the flower, which can lead to stunting or death of the orchid. Better leave the flowers in the care of friends.