How to use scented tobacco against the Colorado potato beetle

How to use scented tobacco against the Colorado potato beetle

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For years, summer residents have been looking for a way to destroy the insect without the use of chemicals. Some gardeners use scented tobacco from the Colorado potato beetle. It is used in different ways: by planting the plant itself or preparing a means to combat the pest using crushed plant matter or dust.

The degree of harm from the Colorado potato beetle

It's no secret that these insects are capable of destroying a huge number of plantings. They destroy 100% of the crop if they let the process of their reproduction take its course. Then, developing endlessly, they will very quickly eat up all the seedlings. In this case, the loss will be substantial.

1 insect eats 100 mg of plant mass per day.

Beetles live on the lower leaves, and the larvae lay on the back of the leaf. Therefore, they cannot be noticed immediately. Most often, potatoes suffer from his attacks. The plant is most vulnerable during flowering, then a massive brood of larvae is observed.

Plant and its properties

Fragrant tobacco annual, his homeland is South America. Plant height 50-90 cm. Leaves are large, flowers are small, red, yellow and white. It has a strong aroma that intensifies in the evening. The beetle is attracted by the smell of the plant, he begins to eat it. But the poison contained in its composition kills the insect.

The method was discovered by Bazhenov. For 10 years, he stubbornly searched for a way to fight insects without the use of chemicals. In his numerous observations, he realized that if tobacco grows next to the potato, the Colorado potato beetle will fly to him. After the particles of fragrant tobacco get inside, after a while the pest dies.

The summer resident needs to prepare for the fact that pests from all neighboring areas will fly to his site. It is important when using this method not to give up everything in the first year. The result will be noticeable only for 3 years. An infusion of leaves is used to fight other insects that harm the garden and vegetable garden.

Ways of using tobacco

To combat the Colorado potato beetle, they use several methods:

  1. Planting a plant in potato beds.
  2. Preparation of bases for spraying bushes.
  3. Leaf infusions.

In order to understand how fragrant tobacco works against the Colorado potato beetle, it is necessary to consider each of them in detail.

Growing seedlings of plants

The peculiarity of the fight in this way is that it is necessary to grow tobacco seedlings before planting it in the ground. It has been repeatedly proved by summer residents that seeds are eaten right in the ground, not even allowing the plant to sprout. Therefore, it is important to plant ready-made plants.

Cultivation of scented tobacco seedlings. The first stage - preparing the soil, who does not have the opportunity to cook on their own, can be purchased in the store. Those looking to save money cook it at home. To do this, take:

  • 1 part peat.
  • 1 part humus
  • 3 pieces of ordinary land.

The seeds are sown in early February. A day in advance, it is wrapped in a damp cloth, so that the planting material swells. Then scatter the seeds and cover with 5 mm dry soil, cover with polyethylene. Keep the pot at a constant temperature of + 20-25 ⁰С., Until germination.

After the sprouts appear, when the soil begins to dry out, spray it with a spray bottle. When the third true leaf is formed, it is recommended to pick. When the plants reach a height of 13-15 cm, they are transferred to a permanent place. But at the same time, the earth must be warmed up to +15 ⁰С.

Fragrant tobacco easily tolerates the neighborhood with any culture, flowers and all garden plants.

When transferring to the ground, it is advisable to preserve the clod of earth in which it grew.

How to plant scented tobacco?

The first year, the plants are planted along the edge of the beds, or around the entire perimeter at a distance of 1 m. They are planted in advance, around April. This is done so that Colorado beetles do not have time to lay their larvae. If the summer resident is late with planting, then it will be more difficult to fight, because the larvae do not eat tobacco and they will also need to be destroyed in some way.

If there is a lot of pest on the site, then it will take more than 1 year to deal with it. If the beetle eats all the plants of the scented tobacco, plant it again. The effect will still be there.

Advantages of the Bazhenov method

There are skeptics in any business. Likewise, Bazhenov's method is subject to refutation by those who have not even tried to plant tobacco on their plots.

This pest control method has several advantages:

  1. Not laborious method. You will have to work hard, growing seedlings and planting them in a permanent place.
  2. Low cost.
  3. The site is not processed with chemistry, that is, the harm to humans is minimal.
  4. It looks very nice from the outside.
  5. According to reviews, the method is effective.

In order to clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Bazhenov method, it is recommended to first plant a few bushes for testing.

Cooking tobacco dust

The plant is suitable for preparing a special agent for treating plants from insect pests. Fragrant tobacco is dried, the whole plant and stems and leaves are suitable. To do this, it is tied in bunches and hung in a well-ventilated room, in the shade. When the leaves begin to crunch, they are crushed. After the dust is ready, a special solution of the following composition is prepared from it:

  • 0.5 kg of dust.
  • Laundry soap 40 g.
  • Water 20 l.

Use a solution for spraying crops and flowers. Such a tool is purchased in stores.

To process potatoes with tobacco dust, do the following:

  1. For 2 days, the dust is soaked in 10 liters of warm water.
  2. Strain.
  3. Add soap and water.

Planting with potatoes is processed in order to scare away an insect and preserve the crop. The advantages of this method of processing are that it is environmentally friendly, while no harmful substances accumulate in root crops. It is harmless to humans and beneficial insects. And the disadvantage is that a large number of sprays are required per season.

The opinion of summer residents who have tried this method of processing potato beds

For more information, a novice vegetable grower is looking for reviews from experienced gardeners. Some give specific tips and tricks for pest control.

Ivan: “I have been working in the garden for a long time. I have been using tobacco for a long time against the Colorado potato beetle. My recipe is simple, I soak 4-5 plants of fragrant tobacco in water for several days. I filter it, add liquid soap there, and the poison is ready. In our region, the plant grows by self-sowing, so there is no need to look for it. I process it once every 2 weeks. It affects both the beetle and the larvae. "

Irina: “Last year we decided to try this method, we planted tobacco on the site. Not to say that the result is excellent, but still there is a difference. There are fewer Zhukovs. "

Bazhenov himself says about this method: “You must have strong nerves. Plant only grown seedlings. This is not a whim, but a necessity. Insects eat seeds right in the ground, preventing them from germinating. On our site, the first self-sowing plant appeared a few years later.

Fighting the Colorado potato beetle is a problem. Most of all, the summer resident wants to use less chemicals, so it is worth trying to plant scented tobacco. If everything works out, the pest will stop bothering you.

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