Description of the tomato variety Shaggy bumblebee, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Shaggy bumblebee, features of cultivation and care

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Today's choice of tomatoes can please anyone, even a very demanding gardener. The number of varieties grows like mushrooms after rain. Among them there is also a tomato Shaggy bumblebee.

Description of the plant

This new variety was included in the State Register in Russia; it is grown both in the open field and in greenhouses of private farms. Bred by breeders of the Altai Seeds Agrofirm.

Tomato bush Shaggy bumblebee is a medium-early ripening crop. This variety is determinant, it grows in the form of a trunk. Plant height reaches 60 cm.

The term for obtaining earlier fruits is regulated by pinching to the lower flower-fruit cluster. The plant has fluffy, medium-sized leaves, a dark green hue and a simple inflorescence.

Fruit characteristics

The culture produces tomatoes in the form of cream, the lower part of the fruit has a "nose", differs from other tomatoes in pubescence. Description of ripe fruits:

  • color - red-orange;
  • weight up to 135 grams;
  • fleshy pulp;
  • the taste is sweet and sour;
  • high transportability;
  • keeping quality is excellent;
  • resistance to cracking.

Tomatoes weigh up to 135 g, when ripe they have a red color, smooth skin, good density. There is pubescence on the surface of the fetus.... Average yield of tomatoes Shaggy bumblebee 5 kg / m2.

Growing seedlings

The process of sowing tomatoes begins with the preparation of the substrate. It should be loose and nutritious. Optimally, when it is made from a mixture of sod and humus soil in an equal ratio, and to give it friability, more peat is added. You can also use a commercially available substrate.

Sow this vegetable crop in containers two months before the planned planting in the ground. For this, soil is poured into the prepared container with drainage holes, moistened, leveled and deepened by 1 cm. The distance between them is up to 4 cm. Then the seed is laid out and sprinkled.

On average, the appearance of seedlings of tomatoes Shaggy bumblebee is possible in a week. After the appearance of young plants, it is recommended to lower the air temperature in the room, and carefully analyze the length of daylight hours. It should be at least 12 hours old, and if there is not enough lighting, additional lighting is needed. Tomato seedlings dive when a pair of real leaves appears on it.

Plant care

14 days before disembarking to a permanent place, the seedlings are hardened, taking them out for a certain time on a balcony or terrace. The procedure is lengthened every day. Plants are planted when it is warm outside and the threat of night frosts has passed.

It is recommended to plant tomato bushes with a density of up to 5 plants per 1 m2... Plant care consists in watering, getting rid of weeds and earth crust (loosening). It is also necessary to apply in sufficient quantities of fertilizers.

At the beginning of the growing season, the soil is enriched mainly with nitrogen fertilizing, and starting from the flowering period, potassium and phosphorus are added to the soil.

An integral procedure is spraying tomatoes from late blight, pests and other diseases.

It is advisable to cover the soil in the garden where the shaggy bumblebee tomato bushes grow with a layer of organic mulch. It will help keep the root system from overheating and prevent the active evaporation of moisture. An additional advantage of mulch is its ability to rot, enriching the soil for plants with useful substances.

The shaggy bumblebee tomato bushes do not need shaping and tying. In order for the air currents to circulate freely along the tomato beds, the lower leaves on each bush are cut off. The procedure is performed on a sunny day when the air humidity is low.

At the moment, there are no reviews about the Shaggy Bumblebee tomato, so if you have experience growing this variety, please describe the plant and its fruits. Write what features of these tomatoes you liked.

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