Description of the tomato variety Three fat men and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Three fat men and its characteristics

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Breeders are developing varieties of large-fruited tomatoes. Tomato Three Fat Men is loved by many gardeners. It is readily grown on personal plots.

Features of the berry

The authors developed a medium-ripening tomato for open ground in the southern regions. Practice shows the successful cultivation of risky farming areas in unheated greenhouses.


  • red fruit;
  • shape - flattened heart;
  • depressed tip;
  • fleshy pulp.

A distinctive feature: wonderful transportability, long storage, ripening ability. Taste characteristic: contains little acid, does not irritate the oral cavity.

What does it look like

The large-fruited tomato fell in love with summer residents. Gardeners appreciated the taste and marketability. Description of the variety:

  • from planting to the first harvest - 120 days;
  • semi-determinant (grows <1.5 m);
  • up to 5 fruits per brush;
  • 6 brushes per stem;
  • fruit weight is about 0.8 kg;
  • the first brush is formed after 10 sheets.

The plant blooms stably and sets fruit at unstable temperatures. Demonstrates resistance to TMV, rot. Stable, high yields are the pride of the creators of the variety. Competent agricultural technology allows you to get about 10 kg / m². One bush pleases 3.5 kg of fruit.

How to get a decent harvest?

This should be taken care of in advance. It is required to follow simple growing rules:

  • sowing seeds one and a half months before planting in a permanent place;
  • after pecking the container, place it in the light;
  • maintain a temperature of about 18 degrees;
  • light up until 16 o'clock in the afternoon;
  • regularly harden, air the seedlings;
  • plant in the ground according to the scheme: 0.4 mx 0.5 m, 3 plants / m²;
  • before flowering, feed with nitrogen fertilizers once every two weeks;
  • then add phosphorus, potassium every 10 days;
  • stop feeding a month before the first harvest;
  • water with warm water in the morning (5 l / plant);
  • ventilate the greenhouse;
  • shade from the sun outdoors;
  • weed regularly, loosen the soil.

Yields are determined by the diligence of the gardener. For the early ripening of the fruits, it is recommended to form in two stems, break the stepsons in a timely manner, and pick ripe berries. The plant sets large tomatoes. A garter of stems and brushes is required.

What do they say?

Gardeners love Three Fat Men. They note:

  • pleasant taste;
  • excellent ability to form ovaries;
  • long storage;
  • resistance to cracking;
  • fleshy pulp;
  • disease resistance;
  • the ability to get your own seeds;
  • good fruiting in open ground and greenhouses.

The description on the bags matches reality. Some put the plants in flower pots at the end of the season. Grown at home, illuminated with an agrolamp. Green tomatoes ripen well.

The gardeners have supplemented the recommendation of the creators of the variety. Tomato for salad purposes was used for the preparation of complex canned vegetables (lecho, dressings, salads). Ketchups and pastas are delicious.

Negative reviews:

  • affected by late blight;
  • reduction in fruit size when formed into three stems;
  • cracking with excessive moisture;
  • in the greenhouse it stretches above 1.8 m.

There is no protection against late blight: timely collection of unripe fruits and further ripening can save.

The variety is one of the best large-fruited tomatoes on the market. It is recommended to friends and acquaintances.

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