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Is it possible to eat pepper after processing Alatar?

Is it possible to eat pepper after processing Alatar?

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There were a lot of aphids on pepper, and pepper was almost ripe. I processed the pepper with Alatar and immediately it started to rain very heavily. So much water was poured that the garden stood for another half hour in the water. After a week, I examined the leaves of pepper and saw that the aphids were still very much ... Is it possible to assume that the preparation was immediately washed off the fruits and whether they can be eaten?

  • The decay period of pesticides such as cypermethrin and malathion with a correctly diluted dosage is from 20 days. That is, you can use the drug at least 20 days before harvest. It is also not recommended to spray with the plant before the rain - 95% of the drug is washed off and the parasites remain on the fruits. But, the likelihood of pesticide accumulation in the earth remains. If the rain was heavy, then the dose will not be dangerous to human health.