Description of the tomato variety Sherkhan and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Sherkhan and its characteristics

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Among all the vegetables, the most favorite are tomatoes, among which the Sherkhan tomato, discovered by many gardeners. And those who before that were in constant search of the most productive and beautiful tomatoes, growing this variety, remain satisfied.

Basic properties and yield

Sherkhan tomatoes are an early ripening variety, the harvest can already be obtained in 90-105 days. It is classified as a determinant plant: that is, it is a low-growing variety, the maximum height is from 50-60 cm.

Grows well in central and southern Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. In the northern regions, it is advisable to plant in greenhouses. Tomatoes are suitable for use in salads, fresh, as well as for fresh pickling and canning.
The yield is about 9-10 kg per square meter.

The description of the variety has the following characteristics:

  1. The tomato stem is well developed, the leaves are dark green, the inflorescences are simple.
  2. Grows well outdoors, can grow in greenhouses. This plant is distinguished by the fact that it stops growing after the formation of 4-6 brushes. If desired, it is tied to a trellis or stakes, the stepsons can not be removed. They are pinched in order to get the harvest at the same time.
  3. Determinant varieties are good in that they do not spend a large amount of nutrients on the stem, and most of the nutrition is given to the ripening of the crop.
  4. The fruits have an ovoid shape of 3-4 chambers, with a slight ribbing, dominated by a red color with golden strokes, not particularly dense. Their weight is about 55-80 grams.
  5. The first fruits are much larger and can weigh up to 120 grams. Tomatoes have a sweet and sour taste.

Seedling and adult tomato care

Sowing seedlings is recommended in mid-March or early April. It is necessary to calculate approximately 2 months before planting the plants in the ground.

It is advisable to pre-soak the seeds for 8-12 hours, treat with a solution of potassium permanganate, then dry slightly.

For sowing, a special ready-made soil is taken for seedlings of tomatoes and peppers. It must be scattered into seedling containers, at least 7-10 cm deep. Draw grooves and sow seeds at a distance of 2 cm from each other.

Then moisten the soil, cover with glass or film, put in a warm place, closer to the heating radiators. The first shoots will appear if the seeds are soaked for 3-4 days, with dry sowing - after about 7-8 days.

As soon as shoots have appeared, it is advisable to put the containers in a place well-lit by light, preferably a window sill. The film must be removed, monitor soil moisture. After the appearance of the first true leaves, the seedlings are dived, planted in containers at a distance of 7-9 cm, or even better: if planted in separate cups.

Greenhouse landing

When plants are planted in a greenhouse, the roots are not damaged, the plants take root in a new place much faster. This usually occurs in late April and early May.

At that time, plants are planted in a greenhouse so that they grow stronger and receive ultraviolet rays. They are planted with 6 plants per 1 sq. meter. For planting, dig holes, fill them with humus and plant one plant at a time. Further care consists in timely watering, loosening the soil, and fertilizing.

To obtain a stable yield, it is necessary to form 3 stems for each plant. For this, 2 stepsons must be left below the main flower brush, all the rest are recommended to be removed. In order for a more developed root system to form, it is recommended to huddle the tomatoes after the rains, this can be done 2 times in the first month of planting.

Brief reviews of the Sherkhan variety

Tomatoes of this variety generally have positive reviews. Especially lovers of various varieties, they like the beautiful appearance of tomatoes, its excellent taste. It is attracted by its versatility in use, as well as the fact that the harvest can be obtained in late July and early August.

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