Description of the Shy cherry variety and characteristics of fruiting, growing rules

Description of the Shy cherry variety and characteristics of fruiting, growing rules

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Serious demands are placed on new varieties of fruit and fruit trees. Summer residents and gardeners are picky about the choice of seedlings for their own plot. However, the Shy cherry got their attention. The description of this variety promises a rich harvest of tasty and beautiful universal berries with late ripening, as well as many other advantages.


The description of the variety suggests that the fruits of this cherry are the tastiest of all grown today. The tasters gave them a maximum rating of 5 points. For cultivation, the tree prefers sunny areas where soils with good air permeability and lime content prevail. The shy one is considered partially self-fertile; in the presence of a nearby pollinator variety, the yield increases significantly. The delivery of seedlings is carried out mainly with a closed root system.

Variety characteristic

Cherry of the Shyenchivaya variety was bred by employees of the V.I. Lupine. The tree grows medium in size, the fruits are formed on bouquet branches. Ripening dates are late. Cherries at the stage of technical ripeness have a dark red, almost black color. The stone is medium in size, it separates from the pulp very easily. The flesh of Shy is juicy, soft, but quite dense. This is what ensures the universal use of the harvested crop.

Cherries can be consumed fresh, as well as used for processing, making preserves.

Shy belongs to frost-resistant varieties, when grown in conditions of the middle lane does not require additional shelter for the winter. Cherry is distinguished by its increased resistance to fungal diseases, does not impose high requirements on the soil. The tree does not need careful maintenance, it bears fruit regularly.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cherry Shy has more advantages than disadvantages. The advantages of the variety include:

  • excellent taste;
  • attractive presentation;
  • universal use of the harvested crop;
  • increased frost resistance;
  • undemanding to growing conditions;
  • partial self-fertility;
  • unpretentious care;
  • increased resistance to fungal diseases;
  • compact size of the tree.

There were no particular shortcomings in Shy. Gardeners note that it is not easy to get seedlings for planting. It was also noted that cherries require regular preventive treatments against pests.

Features of planting and care

The procedure for planting shy cherry seedlings is no different from planting trees of other varieties. However, this variety prefers only sufficiently lit areas for cultivation. The soil should contain lime, it should be good for air and moisture. You can not plant a tree in lowlands, as well as in areas where the groundwater level is close to the soil surface.

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