9 recipes for preparing mashed sea buckthorn blanks with sugar for the winter

9 recipes for preparing mashed sea buckthorn blanks with sugar for the winter

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The homeland of sea buckthorn is Mongolia. Now the shrub grows everywhere. Due to the high content of nutrients, the berry has found wide application in folk medicine. It is considered one of the most useful products for humans. Mashed sea buckthorn with sugar, harvested for the winter, will delight you with an amazing taste and fill the body with vitamins in the cold season.

The subtleties of cooking sea buckthorn with sugar

Sea buckthorn is a specific berry. You can verify this by looking at how it grows. Small berries tightly fit the trunk of the bush. Collecting them manually will not work.

They are cut with garden tongs along with the branches. The loss of small twigs does not harm the plant. The berries are removed from the cut branches using nail scissors.

You can remove the amber miracle from the branches using a special device that resembles tweezers with a string stretched at the ends. Cooking sea buckthorn with sugar also has its own subtleties.

Features of the choice of the main ingredients

For the preparation of sea buckthorn, mashed with sugar, only ripe berries are selected. You can't rush to harvest. The material must mature. The fruits are sorted and sorted during the harvesting process. Get rid of spoiled berries. Sea buckthorn is first crushed with a blender, then rubbed through a sieve. This will help rid her of the bones. Further harvesting of sea buckthorn with sugar for the winter is not difficult.

But here the finished delicacy is stratified: a light and liquid consistency is collected at the top, a layer of medium density forms in the middle. Thick sludge descends downward. It is not necessary to be afraid of this and mix the layers.

The layers are used separately: the liquid layer is used for making drinks, the middle layer is spread on bread, and the lower one is eaten as a puree.

Container preparation rules

The finished dessert is placed in glass jars. The container is sterilized in advance. Sterilization is carried out with a jet of steam by hanging the jar on the spout of the kettle. The sterilization time depends on the container. Banks with a volume of 0.5 liters are sterilized for 5 minutes. For liter, the sterilization time is increased to 10 minutes. The finished product is covered with metal lids.

They are carefully sorted out before use. Covers covered with a rusty coating are discarded. The quality of the sealing rubber is monitored. If the gasket in the lid turns yellow and becomes sticky, the lid should not be used.

How to cook sea buckthorn for the winter with sugar

For a long time of cooking sea buckthorn, people have compiled many different recipes for this dessert. Some people like the classic recipe better. Someone thinks that the orange miracle tastes better when combined with other berries.

Classic recipe without cooking

To prepare sea buckthorn for the winter according to this recipe, you will need 2.5 kg of berries. They should be grated in a blender, and then passed through a sieve. Add 2 kg of sugar to the resulting mass. Sugar is thoroughly mixed and left for 4 hours.

During this time, it will completely dissolve, and the dessert will be ready. It remains only to pack it in jars. This recipe is good because during its preparation, the amount of sugar can be adjusted, periodically tasting the dessert.

With hawthorn

To prepare this dessert for the winter, you will need a kilogram of sea buckthorn. After sorting and washing the berries, they are rubbed in a blender or passed through a meat grinder. Do the same with 600 g of hawthorn. The grated sea buckthorn is mixed with the ground hawthorn.

The berry mixture is filled with 500 g of sugar. Everything is mixed and left for 4 hours. After the indicated time, the sugar will dissolve and the dessert will be ready. It is packed in prepared jars and sent for storage.

In a blender

Harvesting sea buckthorn for the winter according to this recipe is good because the berry retains a wonderful amber color and all its unique composition. For cooking, you need a kilogram of berries. Given the high acidity of the berry, it is mixed with 1500 g of granulated sugar.

The berries are sorted out, washed in cold water and dried on a towel, spreading them out in a thin layer.

Dried berries should be grated in a blender. The peculiarity of the preparation is that they are sent to the blender in portions, already with the addition of sugar, and grind together with it. The mashed dessert is packed in prepared jars.

With apples

Making this amazing jam is easy enough. You need to take 800 g of sea buckthorn. Sort the berries, rinse and dry. Then they need to be wiped through a sieve. The result is a pitted puree. Mix the puree with 700 grams of sugar.

For dessert, you need 5 medium sized apples. Preference should be given to sweet and sour varieties. Wash the fruits and remove the cores. Put the peeled apples in a saucepan and pour 250 grams of water.

Put the saucepan on gas and simmer for 5 minutes. When the fruits become soft, rub them through a sieve too. Apple puree is added to the sweet sea buckthorn mass and everything is mixed thoroughly. The resulting platter is put on fire and brought to a boil. Dessert is ready.

With honey

This recipe will help prepare sea buckthorn for the winter with honey. To prepare an exquisite vitamin complex, you will need 2 kg of sea buckthorn and one and a half kilograms of natural honey. The pleasure is not cheap. But the result is not only a tasty treat, but also a medicine. Sort the berries, rinse and dry.

Then they should be scrolled through a meat grinder. This must be done three times.

The result is a homogeneous semi-liquid mass. Honey is added to the resulting puree. The mixture is left for 2 hours. After the specified time, the honey will dissolve in the sea buckthorn mass. For fidelity, you need to mix everything with a wooden spoon. Then pack in sterilized jars. Store the treat in a cool, dark place.

In its own juice

The easiest way to prepare sea buckthorn for the winter is to make it in your own juice. Put a kilogram of berries in sterile jars and evenly cover with sugar.

Leave the container overnight in a cool place. Can be refrigerated. In the morning, the berries will settle. To them add a new portion of sea buckthorn, sprinkled with sugar, and again leave to settle.

You need to add berries until the entire jar is tightly filled. When the jar is full, it is closed with a metal lid and left for storage. Sugar can be added to taste. A kilogram of berries takes about a pound of sugar.

Through a meat grinder

You can cook sea buckthorn for the winter using a meat grinder. This device allows you to process a large amount of berry raw materials in a short time. The berries, twisted in a meat grinder, have a delicate texture. Take 1 kg of amber berries and 1.5 kg of granulated sugar.

Pre-prepared berries are mixed with sugar and rolled in a meat grinder.

Cover the puree with a lid and let sit for 2 hours in a cool place. Fresh dessert is ready. It is packed in sterilized jars and stored in a cold room. Berries that have not been cooked retain their beneficial properties better.

How to freeze sea buckthorn with sugar?

Freezing sea buckthorn with sugar for the winter is very simple. The berries are sorted, washed, dried. Then the sea buckthorn is sprinkled with sugar and packed in plastic bags.

The bags are sealed and stored in the freezer.

Not everyone likes this recipe. Sea buckthorn has very hard bones. They are not to everyone's taste. This recipe should only be used when you need to save the crop very quickly.

Sugar Juice

Sea buckthorn juice with sugar is a unique preparation that is used in winter to prepare a very tasty and healthy drink. Juice is squeezed out of a kilogram of fresh berries using a juicer. It will turn out to be about 700 grams.

The juice is obtained with pulp. But if this is undesirable, then you just need to strain it through cheesecloth.

The pulp will remain on the gauze. It can be mixed with sugar and used as a dessert. Separately boil the syrup from water and sugar, taken per kilogram. Next, take 1 part of the syrup and 2 parts of sea buckthorn juice. All are mixed. The resulting drink is poured into clean cans and placed in a water bath. Sterilized for 20 minutes, then covered with lids.

How to store sea buckthorn with sugar?

Storage conditions depend on the preparation method.

Blanks prepared without heat treatment should be stored in a dark, cool place. The best places are the cellar and the refrigerator. Cooked jam does not require special conditions. It is stored like any other.

During storage, sea buckthorn blanks can separate into sugar syrup and jelly. This is a normal reaction. In this case, you should not mix the consistency. All are used separately.

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