Description and characteristics of Triumph apple trees, regions of distribution and reviews

Description and characteristics of Triumph apple trees, regions of distribution and reviews

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Apples remain in demand among consumers all year round. Fruits are endowed with excellent taste and useful qualities. Therefore, apple trees grow in almost every vegetable garden. Breeders are constantly working on the development of new, ideal varieties that will bring a bountiful harvest, withstand pests, temperature extremes and diseases. The listed qualities are possessed by the columnar apple tree Triumph.

Description of apple tree Triumph

The most cherished desire of summer residents is to grow a large number of various fruits in a small area. Triumph is a great solution. Taking up a minimum of space, the apple tree grows full-fledged and produces many high quality fruits.

Description of the Triumph apple tree:

  • refers to a semi-dwarf variety, since it does not grow above two meters;
  • the trunk has the shape of a slender column;
  • average winter hardiness, at temperatures from -10 degrees, cover;
  • small and compact crown;
  • autumn variety;
  • high fruiting;
  • is resistant to disease;
  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • bears fruit from the age of two;
  • fruits are dark red in color with white, crispy flesh.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Summer residents who decide to cultivate a columnar variety in the country need to know about the main features. The advantages include:

  1. Compactness. Culture takes up little space. Trees are planted at a distance of only 1 meter.
  2. Decorativeness. The beautiful view allows you to grow apple trees along the paths and in large pots.
  3. Harvests early. From the second year after planting, a large amount of fruit is harvested. Some specimens bear fruit from the first year.
  4. Disease resistance.
  5. Taste. The fruit has a high taste.


  1. Weak winter hardiness. In regions with harsh winters, it requires good shelter.
  2. Short storage time of the crop. Apples are stored for no more than a month.
  3. Fruiting for only 18 years.
  4. Cost. The columnar variety is more expensive than ordinary apple trees.

Main characteristics

The seedlings are developing rapidly. Compared to other columnar varieties, the annual growth of Triumph is much higher.

Dimensions (edit)


  • the plant does not exceed two meters in height;
  • the crown is compact and small-sized.


Despite its small size, the crop yield is very good. Up to 10 kilograms of juicy fruits are harvested from one plant. With proper care, the yield doubles.

The frequency of fruiting

The tree bears fruit regularly from the second year. From the fourth year, the apple tree reaches its full yield. With proper care, fruits appear annually, on time and in abundance.

Winter hardiness

Average winter hardiness. Does not require shelter in areas with winter temperatures down to -10 degrees. Where winters are more severe, before the onset of cold weather, you will need to cover the space around the tree with sawdust, straw or spruce branches.

Disease resistance

The plant is highly resistant to scab. The tree does not infect the main diseases and pests, as well as the best varietal apple trees.

Fruit assessment

The main merit of the variety is the taste of apples. Possess:

  • sweet, candy flavor;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • pulp correct in structure;
  • crispy;
  • light sourness;
  • dense;
  • honeyed aftertaste.

Grow up to 150 grams. Instances weighing up to 100 grams are rare. Occasionally, 200-gram fruits ripen.

Variety subspecies

There are the following varieties:

  1. Semi-cultural. This is the initial stage between natural and cultivated hybrid. The Triumph of this variety has less frost resistance, there is no way to resist diseases and small apples with a clear sourness.
  2. Dwarf. Grown on a dwarf rootstock. This allows the culture to tolerate frost and frequent temperature changes.
  3. Stamp. The tree grows neat and healthy.


Grows in:

  • Russia;
  • Belarus;
  • Ukraine;
  • Siberia.

For colder areas, it is better to plant a Triumph grafted onto a dwarf rootstock. This will allow the plant to tolerate frost and give an excellent harvest every year..

Reviews about apple

Alexander: “The apple tree is wonderful! Neat, compact. And how beautiful it blooms. We eat fresh harvest, cook compotes and add to baked goods. Recomend for everybody. Especially if they are limited in space. "

Elena: “For seven years I have never processed anything. The apple tree did not get sick. Suitable for lazy summer residents who, without any effort, want to enjoy a delicious harvest. "

Gennady: “Surprises the tree with the sight of guests. Looks beautiful in a good year. I just don't like the fact that the apples don't want to lie. You have to figure out how to use it right away. The taste is amazing. "

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