Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Bourgeois

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Bourgeois

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The owners of summer cottages have long been choosing the ideal variety of tomatoes, which, with minimal care, would give a good result. Tomato Bourgeois in this regard has managed to achieve leadership. The tomato is not only well adapted to temperature extremes, but it can also easily tolerate insufficient moisture.

Characteristics of the variety

Tomato Bourgeois F1 belongs to mid-season varieties: From the moment of planting to the maturity of the first fruits, it takes about 100 - 110 days. The plant is a standard plant, about 1 meter high.

The variety can be successfully grown both in the open field and in a greenhouse, under a film. Has increased resistance to the most common diseases and pests. Bred by Ukrainian breeders in 2002, but has already gained great popularity among both amateur gardeners and professional farmers.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of this variety at maturity have a red color, their weight reaches 200 grams. The first specimen, when ripe, can reach a weight of up to 0.5 kilograms. The shape of the tomato is round, the fruits are characterized by a very dense and fleshy pulp.

Bourgeois tomatoes have about 6 seed chambers, dry matter in them about 6%. The fruits keep very well and can be well tolerated for transportation over long distances. The harvested crop is suitable for:

  • eating fresh;
  • barrel salting;
  • whole-fruit canning;
  • all types of processing (including juice production).

The positive thing is a balanced combination of acids and sugars. This ensures the excellent taste of tomatoes of the Bourgeois variety (not only fresh fruits, but also processed products, tomato juice).

Advantages and disadvantages

The yield of the variety is average, one bush is capable of producing about 3 kg of ripe tomatoes. It is recommended to plant 3-4 bushes of plants on one square meter. I must say that it is this indicator that causes the most controversial reviews from summer residents. Among tomatoes with medium fruit sizes, this is not the best result, therefore there should be more significant advantages that will convince the owners of garden plots to plant this particular variety of tomatoes.

Description of tomatoes of the Bourgeois variety allows you to highlight the following positive characteristics:

  • good tolerance to temperature changes;
  • tolerance of insufficient moisture;
  • immunity to the most common diseases;
  • a wide range of applications for the harvested crop;
  • very high keeping quality;
  • good transportability of fruits.

There are also minor drawbacks. The variety has rather brittle twigs, a relatively low yield. For newbies, this can be a significant problem.

Growing features

Tomato Bourgeois needs a mandatory garter. In the presence of large fruits or an abundance of crops, the branches are strengthened separately. The bush is formed in 2-3 stems.

Tomato Bourgeois responds gratefully to complex feeding. Before planting, the seeds do not need to be soaked in potassium permanganate. When growing in seedlings, before planting in open ground, it is necessary to harden the tomatoes, which lasts an average of 1 week.

Despite the high resistance to diseases, Bourgeois requires a certain set of preventive measures. It is necessary to loosen the soil, weed, take care of timely watering and good lighting of the plants. To prevent the fight against ticks and slugs, it is recommended to treat tomatoes with soapy water, Bordeaux mixture. So that the beds are not damaged by the Colorado potato beetle, they must be treated with a special preparation, for example, "Prestige". In this case, it will be possible to get a high-quality and bountiful harvest.

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