Productivity, characteristics and description of the tomato variety Marmalade

Productivity, characteristics and description of the tomato variety Marmalade

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Tomato Marmalade is a relatively new variety, which, despite its recent appearance on the market, has already managed to acquire its fans and admirers.

Characteristics of the variety

A characteristic feature of this variety is its bright yellow color, which really resembles such a delicious delicacy as marmalade.

This variety positions itself as a determinant early ripening variety. Harvesting begins 90-100 days after planting. The bushes themselves are rather undersized and grow (depending on conditions) up to 80-130 cm.

Ideal for both open field and greenhouse cultivation. The bushes require a garter and formation during which it is recommended to leave 1-2 pongons, if you leave more, then the yield of the variety will significantly decrease, and the tomatoes themselves will somewhat lose their properties in relation to quality and size.

The foliage of the bushes is medium, leaves are of a delicate green color with a light velvet coating. Fruits are round in shape, bright sunny color, reaching 80-110 cm in size.

Consumer reviews indicate a very high taste. The fruits are sweet, fleshy, rather dense. Delicate taste similar to a marmalade delicacy.

The advantage of this variety is its excellent transport capabilities and beautiful respectable appearance. The variety is suitable for both domestic cultivation and commercial cultivation.

The yield of this varietal variety has excellent characteristics. Those gardeners and summer residents who planted a gummy tomato claim that it is quite possible to collect up to 4-5 kilograms of ripe and sweet vegetables from one bush per season.

A description of such tomatoes would be incomplete without characterizing its resistance to various kinds of pests and diseases. So gardeners and summer residents familiar with this variety claim that it is resistant to literally all diseases.

Reviews indicate that even when other varieties affected by late blight grew next to the marmalade tomato, the declared tomato did not suffer at all. His bushes were healthy, green, and the branches were bursting with fruit.

Another feature that distinguishes this tomato among its relatives is the presence in it of a large amount of beta-carotene, a substance that is very useful for both the eyes and the body as a whole. It is thanks to the beta-carotene in the fruit that the tomatoes have a bright sunny hue. Also in its pulp there is a high content of sugars and dry matter.

The first flowers of this variety appear above 6 leaves, further flowering occurs after 1-2 leaves.

Marmalade tomato is suitable for fresh consumption and for processing. It makes delicious and colorful salads, great fried, stewed and boiled dishes. Such pickled tomatoes or pickled in a jar for the winter look very respectable. Also tasty and aromatic juices, sauces, ketchups from marmalade varieties of tomatoes are obtained.

Features of planting and growing

This variety is recommended to be grown from seedlings. For this, seeds are first planted in separate containers. They do this at the end of February. Then they wait for their shoots, and when 1-2 true leaves appear on the seedlings, the seedlings dive into separate pots. Now you need to wait until 5-6 true leaves appear on the seedlings. At this time, you can already plant seedlings in open ground.

It is important to know. This variety has proven itself well when grown in greenhouses. It is only important to properly maintain the temperature regime in the greenhouses and regularly ventilate the greenhouse.

In the open field, the plant should be watered as needed, the soil should be loosened regularly and weeds should be removed. The plant is sun-loving, so the site is chosen in a well-lit place.

By following all the recommendations, you can grow such sunny and tasty fruits yourself without spending much effort.

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