Description of the Samokhval tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Samokhval tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

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Siberian solanaceous crops have been occupying leading positions in vegetable growing for a long time. One of these varieties is the Samokhval tomato. As the reviews of vegetable growers have shown, this hybrid is endowed with individual characteristics that are strikingly different from similar crops. What is the uniqueness of the culture and where it is better to plant it will be described below.

Characteristics of the variety

The Samokhval hybrid is a rather interesting mid-season nightshade crop. According to the data indicated in the description of the tomato, the growing season from the first shoots of seeds to the appearance of ripe fruits is 110-115 days. By type, the vegetable crop belongs to yellow-fruited and orange varieties.

Additional characteristic of tomato:

  1. Productivity is high, more than 5 kg from one bush.
  2. Fruiting is amicable.
  3. Growing - open ground, greenhouse structures, greenhouses.
  4. Immunity - fruit rot, tomato mosaic, necrosis.

The dump truck is intended for cultivation in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Description of the variety

Plant of determinant type. In open ground, the bush grows up to 1.7 m, in greenhouse conditions its height varies from 100 to 120 cm. The variety is medium-leafy, with strong shoots. The leaf is simple, dark green. The first brush is laid over 8–9 sheets, each subsequent one - after 3 sheets. Up to 5 pieces of fruit are formed in each cluster.

Description of tomato:

  1. The fruits are heart-shaped.
  2. The skin is smooth, on top of the stalk, a mesh is sometimes observed, like that of a melon.
  3. At the stage of maturity, tomatoes become intense yellow.
  4. The pulp is sugary, with a small number of seeds.
  5. The taste is sweet, aromatic.
  6. The average weight of the fruits is 200 g. If you follow the rules of agricultural technology, the mass of a tomato can reach 800 g.

The Samokhval hybrid has a universal fruit. They are good for fresh consumption, summer salads, hot meals and preservation. In addition, a small amount of acids and a high content of carotene makes it possible to use tomatoes in baby and dietary food.

Agrotechnical cultivation

Samokhval tomatoes are popular among vegetable growers not only for their large, tasty tomatoes, but also for their ease of care.

In order to grow a culture, it is enough to observe the following agricultural techniques:

  1. Sowing seeds is carried out 65–75 days before planting seedlings in a permanent place of growth.
  2. Before planting, the seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate and a growth stimulator.
  3. The seed is planted in prepared boxes with fertile soil.
  4. Recommended planting depth 1.5 cm.
  5. After sowing, the seeds are lightly sprinkled with soil and watered with warm water from a spray bottle.
  6. The optimum temperature for seed germination is + 23– + 25 degrees.
  7. When the seedlings have 2 leaves, a pick is carried out into peat pots.
  8. In the period from seed germination to transplantation, seedlings are fed 3 times with complex fertilizers.
  9. Planting seedlings in open ground is carried out in early June, in greenhouses - in mid-May. Plants placement scheme - 2-3 bushes per 1 sq. m.

Considering the feedback from experienced farmers, the Samokhval variety needs a bush formation. For this, leaving 1–2 trunks, all lateral shoots are pinched. Also, the variety requires support, otherwise the bush will not withstand the severity of the fruit and will break. Tomato also responds well to mineral fertilizing.

If the gardener is lazy, or for some reason cannot follow the given agricultural technique, you should not be upset. The variety will yield tasty and healthy fruits in any case. The only thing you need to be prepared for is the low weight of the tomatoes, and the yield is no more than 3 kg per bush.

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