How many days can pickled cucumbers be eaten after cooking

How many days can pickled cucumbers be eaten after cooking

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Preserves, as a rule, are prepared for the winter, but sometimes you want to try pickled cucumber right after seaming, for example, under young potatoes or just out of curiosity. How long after seaming can you eat pickled cucumbers? Let's consider all the nuances.

What affects the cooking speed

The marinating time depends on the following factors:

  • Fruit size. Gherkins marinate quickly, and larger fruits take longer to cook.
  • Recipe. Cucumbers are pickled whole, or cut into pieces. In the second case, the cooking time is reduced.
  • Brine temperature. Gherkins are marinated in cold water or poured with boiling water. A cold marinade needs more salting time than a hot one.
  • Marinade. A large amount of salt and spices contributes to the speedy salting.
  • Cooking method. Pickled, salted or lightly salted are prepared differently, and the pickling time is different in this case. Lightly salted cucumbers can be eaten within 3 days after cooking, while salted and pickled cucumbers still need to be cooked.

How long can you eat cucumbers after seaming

Since the speed of marinating is influenced by the cooking method, you can open pickled and salted seams after a different period of time. Consider the salting time, depending on the cooking method.


It is recommended to open pickled cucumbers no earlier than 14 days after seaming. During this time, they will be completely marinated. If you really want to try it, you can do it 2 days after seaming. In this case, the vegetables will not be completely salted, but rather lightly salted.


Pickles, depending on the recipe, can be opened on the second day. Here you need to remember that it takes time to soak the marinade, so the longer the cucumbers are in the jar, the tastier they are.

Pickled cucumbers are ready to eat a week after pickling, but experienced chefs recommend opening pickles no earlier than a month after seaming.

How to understand that the cucumbers are ready?

Finished cucumbers become lighter and the green color fades. But the best thing is to taste it. Well-marinated gherkins have a rich taste, and it takes time for the vegetable to soak in the marinade.

Do not rush to open the jar, keep the marinades in the jar for at least two weeks, then open and enjoy.

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