Instructions for the use of fungicide Cuproxat

Instructions for the use of fungicide Cuproxat

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The use of the drug Kuproksat is due to its high efficiency in the fight against pathogens of scab, fruit rot, late blight and macrosporiosis. Due to the peculiarities of the mechanism of action of the pesticide, the drug destroys pathogenic microorganisms without harm to plant crops. If the instructions for use are followed, the fungicide Cuproxat is safe for human health, honey insects, and processed crops.

Active ingredient, release form, container

The main active ingredient of the fungicide is pentahydrate, which is a white crystalline powder. In addition, the product contains copper sulfate and potassium supplements. The drug is available in the form of a suspension concentrate in cans of 10 or 25 liters.

Fungicide-treated crops

The drug is used to treat horticultural and horticultural crops, in order to give plants protection against harmful insects, fungi and diseases. Spraying is subject to:

  • apple and pear trees;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • eggplant;
  • zucchini;
  • potatoes;
  • sugar beet;
  • hop;
  • vineyards.

The spectrum of action of the drug

The agent is used to protect plants from various fungal parasites, including scab, mildew, brown and angular spot, peronosporosis, late blight, powdery mildew, rhizoctonia, cercosporiasis, macrosporiosis. Also, the drug is used to strengthen the protective function of plants.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the broad spectrum of action of the drug and the mechanism of its work, it has many advantages. These include:

  • increased resistance to meteorological factors;
  • high compatibility with other products when spraying garden and fruit crops;
  • reliable protection of plants from pests and diseases;
  • exclusion of the possibility of developing resistance to the drug;
  • quick obtaining of the desired result;
  • safety for honey insects and the environment;
  • ease of use;
  • long-term protective effect;
  • lack of phytotoxicity.

Among the shortcomings of the funds, there are limitations in use, depending on the growing stage.

Also, the drug requires compliance with safety rules to prevent intoxication of the body.

How Cuproxat works

Fungicide refers to contact drugs. It is applied to the stems and leaves of plants by spraying. After that, the active components of the drug begin to act on pathogenic microorganisms, suppressing their development and reproduction processes, as a result of which the pests die.

Protective period

The duration of the period of protective action at a temperature of 0-35 ° C is from 7 to 10 days. In some cases, it can reach 3 weeks, depending on the type of plant and pest.

Consumption rates for different plants

When treating vineyards from mildew, 50-60 grams of the product are used per 10 liters of water. The number of treatments per season is 3-4 times. In the case of spraying potatoes, zucchini, beets, tomatoes and cucumbers from scab, brown and angular spot, downy mildew, late blight, powdery mildew, rhizoctonia, cercosporosis and macrosporiosis, you need 50 grams of fungicide per 10 liters of water. This is enough to process 1 hundred square meters of plantings. The period between processing and harvesting must be at least 10 days.

Also, the fungicide is used to protect apple and pear trees from scab along with fruit rot. To do this, stir 20 grams of the drug in 10 liters of water.

The number of treatments for fruit crops per season is 3-4 times.

Preparation of working solution

For cooking, you need to pour 3 liters of water into the tank, then add 50 grams of the product to it and mix thoroughly. Then the rest of the water is poured to the required volume and the contents are mixed again. The ready-made solution can be sprayed on tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, vineyards, as well as apple and pear trees.

Instructions for the use of the fungicide

Cuproxat is one of the most effective remedies for treating plants against fungal pathogens. The interval between spraying should be at least 10 days, so that the agent has time to fix on the leaves affected by pathogenic microorganisms.

After processing, the crops are reliably protected from pathogens for 3 weeks. Harvesting is allowed after 3-4 days.

Safety in use

Fungicide Kuproksat belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity. It does not pose a danger to human health and honey insects. To prevent intoxication of the body, you must adhere to safety rules. These include:

  1. Having a change of clothing that can be used when working with a chemical. To do this, you need to use things made of thick fabric. It is also recommended to have personal protective equipment in the form of a headgear, vacuum goggles, respirators for respiratory protection, and a rubber apron.
  2. Checking the condition of the sprayer with water. This is necessary for the timely detection of breakdowns, as well as their elimination.
  3. The procedure is recommended in the absence of wind and rain in the morning or evening.
  4. It is not recommended to drink, eat or smoke during the procedure, as this can lead to intoxication of the body.
  5. After processing, you need to neutralize the tank for spraying with a 5% soda solution or laundry soap.
  6. Spraying should not be carried out for children, lactating and pregnant women, as well as for people who have hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Drug toxicity

The product has a 3rd class of toxicity. If the instructions and safety regulations are followed, the fungicide Cuproxat is safe for human health.

Compatibility with other drugs

Fungicide can be combined with most preparations for spraying garden and fruit crops. Before complex treatment of plants, it is recommended to check the products for chemical compatibility.

Storage rules and shelf life

The drug can be stored for no more than 4 years from the date of manufacture. It is recommended to store the product away from household items and food. The room temperature should not exceed 25 ° C.

Similar fungicides

If it is not possible to purchase the drug Kuproksat, it is recommended to use the fungicides Abiga-Peak, Alirin B, Gamair, Quadris, Horus, Strobi, Thanos, Topaz, Trichodermin, Fundazol, Fitosporin-M, Fitolavin, Ridomil Gold. These alternatives have a similar composition and effect, which makes them suitable for use as a replacement for the main pesticide.

Fungicide Kuproksat is one of the most effective drugs that will protect crops from scab, fruit rot, macrosporiosis and late blight. The use of such substances is effective if the instructions for use are followed, as well as safety regulations. This will make spraying beneficial to the crop and safe for health.

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