"Talisman": one of the most beloved and popular grape varieties

"Talisman": one of the most beloved and popular grape varieties

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Grapes "Talisman" is deservedly considered one of the best varieties. Most consumers love it for its pleasant and refreshing taste, as well as the impressive size of ripe berries.

Grade characteristics

The parent pair of grapes “Talisman” is represented by such widely known varieties as “Frumoasa Albe” and “Delight”. The hybrid form was developed by Russian breeders VNIIViV named after I. Potapenko. The hybrid form is known to winegrowers under the names "Kesha 1", "FV-6-6", "Kesha Muscat" and "Super Kesha", "Kesha 2".

Grapes "Talisman" is one of the most famous and in demand for personal cultivation. The table form of this grape not only has a pronounced resistance to disease and frost, but also has a ripening period of 125-135 days.

Grape brushes have a medium density structure, but in some years, friability may be observed. As a rule, a ripened bunch of grapes has a conical shape, the average weight is 0.8 kg or more.

The grapes of the hybrid form “Talisman” have rather large berries in clusters, their size is 3.5 × 3 cm, and the average weight is from 12 to 16 g. A high level of agricultural technology significantly increases productivity and allows you to get grape brushes with larger berries. The main color at the stage of full maturity is white.

The pulp has a harmonious taste; when ripening, a rather pronounced but unobtrusive muscat aroma is manifested. Sugar accumulation rates can vary from 17 to 23%. The average acidity of grape juice does not exceed 6-8 g / l.

Grapes "Talisman": features of cultivation

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grapes "Talisman" is not in vain widely popular. This hybrid form is characterized by a significant number of advantages that make it popular both among winegrowers and consumers:

  • high, and most importantly, stable productivity;
  • the presence of large clusters and berries;
  • good taste of ripe berries;
  • a long period of preservation of the crop without loss of presentation and taste;
  • the possibility of long transportation;
  • excellent rooting of cuttings, facilitating the independent process of reproduction;
  • frost resistance (can withstand temperature drops to -25 ° C;
  • slight predisposition to the defeat of major diseases.

The disadvantages of the hybrid form of Talisman grapes include the risk of insufficient pollination, as well as the need to use a number of techniques to normalize the number of clusters formed on the bushes.

Landing and care features

Grapes of the hybrid form "Talisman" should be planted, like other varieties and most hybrid forms, in areas well lit and protected from winds. It is advisable to pre-dig the soil in the area with the addition of fertilizers. Planting pits dig in advance and equip themselves not only with pegs for tying the vines, but also with a drainage layer.

Bushes of this variety respond very well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Of particular importance for fruiting is the application of fertilizers such as potassium salt and superphosphate. The use of regular preventive spraying almost completely eliminates the risk of damage to grapes by fungal diseases and the most common pests.

Despite the high frost resistance, the hybrid form “Talisman” belongs to the category of cover grape crops and needs to be protected from frost in the winter. When growing, preference should be given to stocks with perennial wood, which has a beneficial effect on productivity.

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Gardeners reviews

Grapes "Talisman" many vine growers are grown on large formations. However, very good results are observed on a single-plane trellis. This variety is a real favorite among experienced growers and beginners who have decided to grow grapes in household plots. The hybrid form is especially good when performing pollination. In this case, it is possible not only to increase productivity, but also to improve the taste of the crop.

According to numerous observations, this hybrid form with functional-female type flowers is perfectly pollinated in the presence of two adjacent bushes of any other grape variety with bisexual flowers. Most wine growers who practice cultivating the Talisman hybrid on household plots in central Russia have this form of wintering well with minimal shelter and even without it. However, this hardening is typical for adult bushes with fully formed wood, and it is recommended that younger grape bushes be covered.

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