How often to water cucumbers, when and at what time is it better

How often to water cucumbers, when and at what time is it better

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The most important thing during cultivation is the definition of the rules for how often to water cucumbers in the open field. It largely depends on how rich and tasty the harvested crop will be. Proper watering reduces the risk of disease and pest infestation.

How often should cucumbers be watered

Cucumbers are considered moisture-loving cultivated plants. After planting in open ground, do not allow the soil to dry out. This unfavorable factor leads to the fact that the leaves and ovaries dry, turn yellow and fall off.

But if you overdo it with water, then the risk of developing rotting of the root system and the development of fungal infections increases. With an excess of moisture in the ground, the amount of oxygen decreases, the leaves turn pale, the growth of lashes stops, and the ovaries are poorly formed.

Delicious, crispy cucumbers can be enjoyed only when the watering regime is established. If the infrequent intake of moisture alternates with excessive watering, the plant also develops slowly, and the fruits are bitter and have a deformed shape.

Water the cucumbers at the same frequency and the same amount of warm water. If the cucumbers have not received moisture for a long time, do not pour them with a lot of water. To return to the normal watering regime, you need to increase the moisture gradually.

How many times a week to water cucumbers depends on the established weather conditions. In the summer, when the weather is clear, without rain, watering twice a week is sufficient. When hot, dry weather is established, it is recommended to water the cucumbers every day. It is not recommended to water additional beds in a rainy season.

How to water cucumbers outdoors

It is forbidden to water cucumbers with cold water. It reduces resistance to infections and pests, slows down the growth and development of cucumber lashes. It must be left to warm up. A large barrel is suitable, in which the water will settle. The water temperature for watering cucumbers should be approximately +20 degrees.

After each watering, it is useful to shallow the soil. This procedure improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the plant. If the soil has moved away from the stem, then hilling can be carried out.

Many novice gardeners are interested in the question of what water can be used to water the beds. Water for irrigation should be not only warm, but also soft, without harmful impurities. If the water is hard, wood ash will help correct the situation. For 10 liters of water, you need to take 60 g of ash.

When it is preferable to water cucumbers, in the morning or in the evening, it makes no difference. In the evening, it is better to water it, somewhere about two hours before sunset. But you can also water it in the morning, from 6 to 7 o'clock.

Is it possible to water cucumbers during the day

What time it is best to irrigate cucumber beds again depends on the weather. Do not water during the day if the weather is hot, sunny. From the sun's rays passing through the drops of moisture, burns remain on the stem, leaves, ovaries. As a result, the plant may die. In the heat, they water the leaves in the evening, when the scorching sun is gone, and the coolness has not yet come.

On cloudy and cold days, watering cucumbers is reduced. In cold weather, if there is no rain, it is better to water the cucumber beds during the day. On the leaves, cucumbers are best watered before lunchtime, under the plant you need to water with a weak pressure of the jet. Thus, there will still be time for excess moisture to evaporate. In bad weather, the roots do not absorb water well, and root rot can begin. Fungus can develop on the leaves of cucumbers.

Proper maintenance involves mulching the soil. Meadow, chopped grass, sawdust, peat, straw, film are suitable. Mulch can prevent the soil from drying out on a hot day, retain heat, and protect against pests and infections.

How to water cucumbers, stages of development

When planting seedlings of cucumbers in open beds, it must be watered abundantly 3-4 hours before transplanting. Then they are carefully removed from the box along with an earthen lump and placed in pre-prepared holes. After planting in the ground, the seedlings must be watered immediately. When the cucumber seedlings are just planted, about 2 liters of water per square meter should be consumed. meter.

For sowing cucumber seeds, you need to prepare the soil, you should not forget to add mineral fertilizing and ash, dig up and level the land. Then you need to water the beds, it is better to use hot water and a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This will disinfect the soil. It is better to plant cucumber seeds at a depth of 2 cm, at a distance of at least 45 cm.

Whether it is worth watering the land immediately after the cucumber seeds have been sown is a moot point. But many vegetable growers believe that watering the cucumbers after planting is not worth it, since the soil was originally watered. Oxygen will be forced out of the ground and seeds will germinate slowly. In addition, repeated watering promotes crust formation.

Since cucumbers love moisture, you need to monitor it evenly. After the appearance of the first shoots, watering with warm water is carried out as the soil dries. Young sprouts need 2.5 liters of water per square meter. meter. As the greenery grows, the amount increases to 6.5 liters.

After planting, watering the cucumbers should be done according to the rules, taking into account the age and stage of development. The watering rate for cucumbers is calculated according to the same criteria.

  • After unfolding the first leaves, the frequency of watering should be equal to once every 4-5 days. This frequency of watering is maintained until flowering. For 1 sq. m. should go about 4.5 liters of water.
  • During flowering and the formation of ovaries, it is recommended to irrigate the soil every day. The amount of liquid increases to 8 liters per 1 sq. On hot days, you can moisten the soil daily.
  • During active fruiting, the frequency of watering should be reduced. This contributes to the direction of all the forces of the plant for the growth and development of fruits. Otherwise, the tops are gaining strength.

Do not allow moisture to enter the green part of the plant, this increases the risk of rotting. It is necessary to pour water strictly at the root, trying not to erode the ground, not exposing the root system and the base of the stem.

Watering combined with fertilizers

Together with watering, cucumber beds are fed at the same time. At the beginning of the development of a vegetable crop, nitrogen is most consumed, therefore, 1.5 weeks after planting, ammonium nitrate must be added. During the fruiting period, potassium is actively consumed and therefore it is worth adding potassium nitrate or superphosphate.

Can be applied while watering cucumbers in the open field and organic fertilizers. Rotted chicken manure or mullein is popular. It helps to fill the lack of microelements in the soil with an infusion of wood ash. Top dressing is best done in the evening.

Root treatment with fertilizers begins after the first pair of leaves have unfolded. In the future, fertilization is repeated every 12-14 days.

For cucumbers, a composition of the following three components is well suited. Take 15 g of urea, 20 g of potassium sulfate and 25 g of superphosphate. All components are dissolved in 10 liters of water and left to infuse for a couple of hours. Pour the resulting solution over each cucumber bush.

After two weeks, you can use a top dressing based on cow dung. The component is poured with 10 liters of water and left to infuse for about three days. To enhance the beneficial properties of the composition, it is recommended to add wood ash and superphosphate. Before watering, the solution must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 6.

Exactly the same formulations, only in a lower concentration, can be used for foliar treatment. All nutrients are not absorbed by the roots, but by the leaves.

In total, for the entire growing season, it is recommended to carry out four additional dressings. In case of problems with the growth and development of cucumbers, the amount of dressings can be increased.

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