Instructions for the use of the herbicide Zlakterr, mechanism of action and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Zlakterr, mechanism of action and consumption rates

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The use of herbicides helps to clear crops from weeds, to carry out chemical weeding. Zlakterr is a selective herbicide, its scope of activity allows to lime cereal weeds in crops of sugar beets, some types of vegetables, without harming crops, free the fields from clogging, reduce labor costs and significantly increase the yield.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug Zlakterr

The active ingredient in the preparation is cletodim. Its content is 240 grams per liter. Kletodim is classified as a systemic drug - after absorption, the substance spreads through all tissues of the weed and destroys the plant from the inside.

Zlakterr is poured into 5-liter plastic canisters, it is a concentrated emulsion.

The drug is designed to eliminate weeds from crops of large-leaved plants. It is used on the following crops:

  • potatoes;
  • soy;
  • cotton;
  • sugar beet;
  • bow;
  • carrot;
  • linen;
  • beet.

Zlakterra can also be used to remove weeds around trees and vines.

The mechanism of action of the herbicide

The herbicide is used during the growth and development of weeds. When sprinkled on leaves and stems, Zlakterr is absorbed from the surface and passes into the internal conductive system of weeds.

Kletodim inhibits the synthesis of fats in the cellular structures of weeds. Due to this, the process of cellular structure is stopped. The foliage acquires signs of chlorosis - it becomes spotty.

Growth points lose their viability in 1-7 days, then the root part dies off. The plant dies within 1-3 weeks.

Areas of Zlakterr activity:

  • creeping wheatgrass;
  • humay;
  • wild oats;
  • millet of various types;
  • pig;
  • self-growing crops of corn and cultivated cereals;
  • crabby.

Zlakterrom treat the fields after the emergence of shoots. It successfully removes perennials and annual weeds.

Positive and negative sides

When used at the recommended rates, the drug demonstrates the following advantages:

  • high selectivity - crops remain intact, only weeds die;
  • destroys weeds completely - after the ground part, the root also perishes, which does not allow plants to recover;
  • Zlakterr acts at all stages of the growing season and at any density of clogging;
  • remains active in a wide range of climatic and weather conditions, for different soils;
  • a wide range of activity - one - and perennial weeds.

When using Zlakterra, care must be taken, since the herbicide also has negative sides:

  • if the dosage is exceeded, the protected crops can be harmed;
  • has toxicity - moderately dangerous to humans, animals, soil;
  • undecomposed components remain in the soil, get into the fruits, which worsens their quality, reduces their benefits.

Herbicide residues in the fields affect the composition and fertility of the soil, can adversely affect acidity and other characteristics.

Working fluid consumption rates

The drug is used in the following doses:

CultureWeedThe amount of prepared solution in liters per hectareZlakterra volume in liters per hectareValidity
Any of the list of processedYoung (2-6 leaves), annual200-3000.2-0.42 months

Single processing

Perennial or having a height of more than 20 centimeters200-3000.7-1

The lower values ​​of the dosage of the drug are chosen with insignificant weediness of the fields and in the early stages of the growing season. The maximum amounts are needed to control the stubborn weeds that cover the crop plants.

Preparation of working solution

The spray solution is prepared immediately in the tank. The container is half filled with water, the required volume of herbicide is introduced. Stir constantly during infusion (hydromixer works) to achieve complete connection. Then the rest of the water is poured in, combined with an adjuvant (surfactant ETD-90, Zh).

Note: the surfactant enhances the action of Zlakterra, promotes better penetration of weeds into the tissue structures.

The solution is prepared on special sites, which excludes the spill of the herbicide on the ground and the soaking of the soil in the fields.

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

The optimal conditions for spraying a working solution are considered to be 8-25 °. It is recommended to spray the fields in the morning. If the weeds are still in an early stage (2-3 leaves), the minimum dosage is chosen. Supplementing the solution with an adjuvant will ensure better absorption of cletodim and increase the efficiency of the treatment.

With a high density of weeds (from 300 plants per square meter), you should not risk it - choose the maximum permissible concentration of Zlakterra. High doses are also required for perennial weeds and in cases where crops are hidden under weeds.

If the solution remains, it is disposed of in specially designated places. It is impossible to store the finished mixture.


How to work correctly with Zlakterr so as not to harm people, soil, crops:

  • prepare a solution, spray the herbicide in personal protective equipment;
  • the remaining solution is destroyed;
  • it is allowed to go to the fields for work 3 days after processing.

In private households, at dachas, the herbicide is not used. Spraying with the help of agricultural aviation is prohibited.

Phytotoxicity of the drug

Zlakterr does not have a toxic effect on crops if the recommended dosages are observed.

Compatible with other pesticides?

The drug is not used with the pesticide Bentazone. It is also not recommended to combine Zlakterr with fertilizers. For sugar beet, mixtures with herbicides of other groups and fields of activity have proven themselves well - Associate Professor, Triumph, Lonner Euro.

If there is a need to prepare tank mixtures, the components are mixed in small quantities before use and checked for toxicity.

Terms and conditions of storage

Storage conditions - utility rooms for toxic substances, temperature - from -5 ° to 35 °. The manufacturer declared a shelf life of 2 years with the integrity of the package.


A large group of herbicides, which are analogs, are produced with cletodim as an active substance:

  • Beryl - 120 grams per liter;
  • Rondo, Legat, Zlakoff, Centurion, Ephesus - 240 grams per liter (exact analogue);
  • Graminion - 150 grams per liter.

All preparations (including Zlakterr) have been tested for compliance with ISO standards, are approved for use in industrial agricultural production.

The use of Zlakterr protects crops of many crops from the spread of cereal weeds. It is difficult to obtain large yields without the use of herbicides. In order not to reduce the quality of the fruits obtained, it is necessary to apply herbicides at the recommended time and in strict accordance with the instructions.

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