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Cucumber "Boy with a thumb F1": cultivation features

Cucumber "Boy with a thumb F1": cultivation features

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Cucumber "Boy with a finger F1" from the breeding and seed company LLC "Manul" is a very early ripe parthenocarpic beam gherkin hybrid of the female flowering type, recommended for growing on ridges of open ground, in spring greenhouses and tunnels.

Grade description

The early ripe, prone to bundle formation of ovaries, short-fruited hybrid with intense fruiting "Boy with a finger F1" belongs to the category of parthenocarpic cucumbers, which are very popular among gardeners in our country. Fruit ripening is observed 39-41 days after germination. Cucumber bushes are medium-braided, with 2-6 ovaries of a bouquet type.

Fruits have a length of 8-11 cm, a finely tuberous surface and an oval shape, weight about 55-67 g. Their pulp is fragrant, completely devoid of bitterness and voids, contains small, barely noticeable seeds. The taste of cucumber is very high, which allows the use of fruits not only for preservation, but also in fresh form in salads.

Advantages and disadvantages

Variety "Boy with a finger F1" has many advantages:

  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • high productivity;
  • prolonged fruiting;
  • universality of use;
  • resistance to defeat by powdery and downy mildew, olive spotting, cucumber mosaic virus (BOM-1).

Outwardly, the fruits are very attractive: they have a green color with small light stripes and white pubescence. Cucumbers are characterized by high commercial qualities and can be transported over long distances. Productivity of a grade makes not less than 10 kg / sq.m.

Reckless and seedling cultivation methods of this hybrid are used depending on climatic and agricultural conditions.

Cucumber "Boy with a finger F1": grade description

Sowing seeds: seedling cultivation

Hybrid "Boy with a finger F1" works well when grown in a seedlingless way. In this case, it is allowed to use not only dry, but also previously soaked cucumber seeds. Sowing in open ground is possible throughout May. In doing so, the following recommendations must be observed:

  • seeds should be the same size and be full-weighted;
  • when grown using trellis, seeds should be sown in a nesting manner, 20 cm apart;
  • the row spacing in the nesting scheme of sowing should be 35-40 cm;
  • the depth of sowing seeds in moist soil is not more than 2 cm and may vary slightly - depending on the type of soil;
  • after the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, thinning of the seedlings should be carried out, leaving a distance between plants of about 22-24 cm;
  • after thinning, the seedlings must be fed with a solution of slurry or chicken droppings; further feeding is carried out with mineral fertilizers applied immediately before watering the plants with warm water.

Seedling method

"Boy with a finger F1" is often cultivated by seedling method - in greenhouses or film greenhouses, at the rate of 3-4 plants per square meter. m of landing area. Thickened plantings negatively affect the duration of fruiting and the total yield of cucumber.

The seedling method of growing cucumbers is guaranteed to get a high yield even in the northern regions. However, it has some features, which are very important to know and consider:

  • seedling period should be no more than 4 weeks;
  • the seed material of hybrid forms is realized after disinfection, therefore, does not need additional preparation;
  • sowing is recommended to be done in peat or plastic containers filled with light nutrient soil;
  • it is important to feed and irrigate seedlings in a timely manner, as well as, to prevent stretching, organize high-quality lighting of plants;
  • Before planting, it is necessary to harden the plants by lowering the temperature regime.

Care Rules

Cucumber "Boy with a finger F1" does not need special, labor-intensive care measures. Achieving high and stable yields is possible with strict adherence to standard agricultural technology:

  • shallow and very careful loosening of the topsoil after watering or rains;
  • irrigation as the soil dries, using only warm water;
  • pinching plants after the formation of the 5th true leaf, which allows to stimulate the development of lateral shoots;
  • mulching the soil with a layer of manure or peat with a thickness of not more than five centimeters;
  • pollination of plants to protect against spider mites with sulfur-based preparations;
  • tying cucumbers on a high transverse trellis, which contributes to longer fruiting and facilitates the care of cucumbers;
  • picking fruit at least 3 times a week.

Reviews of gardeners

Cucumber "Boy with a finger F1" is a hybrid form of the first generation, which implies its high quality and stable yield. Gardeners speak about this variety only positively, and most of them even give it preference, allocating a significant planting area for growing this cucumber.

Plants are characterized as very powerful and actively developing. The hybrid gives high yields, forms magnificent bundle ovaries with numerous fruits that are even in size. Despite the relatively average declared resistance to diseases, the plant is rarely affected by them. Also, cucumbers have the ability to not turn yellow for a long time, which is very important for gardeners who are not able to regularly collect ripened fruits.

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