Peach "Kremlin": a popular mid-late variety

Peach "Kremlin": a popular mid-late variety

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The mid-season table variety of peaches “Kremlin” was bred in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden by I. N. Ryabov as a result of crossbreeding of the well-known varieties “Rochester” and “Elbert”. This variety, very popular and in demand by gardeners, perfectly adapts to almost any cultivation conditions.

Varietal characteristics and description of the plant

The Kremlin variety peach is characterized by moderate drought resistance. The plants are tall, with an oval-rounded crown.

Fruits are large, weighing up to 100-200 g, roundish, yellowish-orange, with a very bright red blush. The flesh is dense in consistency, with average juiciness, has a great taste and pronounced peach aroma.

Peach trees are characterized by a large shoot-forming ability, which is especially noticeable in the early years of bearing. A significant number of flower buds are laid on the plants, which suggests regular thinning of branches and shoots.

How to prune a peach in spring

Crown forming technology

A peach of the Kremlin variety belongs to the category of tall plants and needs timely, and most importantly, competent formation.

Bush crown formation

The formation consists in the removal of all shoots, except for three or four growing from the lower buds. Such shoots gain full strength in a couple of years, and then bear fruit for about three years, after which they should be trimmed at the level of the root neck. For further formation, about seven of the most developed shoots from summer shoots should be left. Annual pruning is the formation of a plant crown from five fruiting and three replacing shoots.

Formation of a sparse-tier crown

The formation consists in creating a stem 30-40 cm high and maintaining 5-6 shoots. The first three shoots with a distance of 40 cm between them should be the first tier. Lateral shoots of the stem must be completely removed. Lateral growths of skeletal branches remain intact.

Shaped crown formation

Such a crown formation is the most popular and demanded in conditions of home gardening. The height of the stem should be about 35 cm. The conductor and side branches are removed. The main emphasis is on creating a crown from four skeletal branches located at a distance of 15 cm from each other.

In addition to formative, sanitary, rejuvenating and regulating pruning is very important for fruit stands. Sanitary pruning peach trees involves the removal of all dried and diseased shoots that must be burned. Anti-aging pruning is performed on old plants in order to renew the crown and involves a cup-shaped formation. Adjust cropping if necessary, it is necessary to maintain the productivity of the tree and consists in removing part of the fruit-bearing branches, which allows you to protect skeletal branches from severe exposure.

There is also restoring crop type, which is used to increase the volume of fruiting of the plant in those cases when its crown was susceptible to mechanical damage. It is very important to remember that regardless of the type of trimming, all places of the cuts must be glossed over. To do this, use a garden var or a special wound healing agent "Lac Balsam".

Gardeners reviews

The Kremlin Kremlin peach is characterized by its excellent adaptation to almost any weather and soil conditions in the growing region without compromising on the palatability of the fruit. The plant, according to observations and reviews of gardeners, has good resistance to many diseases. Rather high frost resistance indices made it possible to cultivate varieties in regions with cool summers.

The variety is very responsive to regular fertilizer application and forms a plentiful crop with systematic top dressing. Experienced gardeners recommend that you carefully monitor the watering regime of the plants and prevent both waterlogging and overdrying of the soil on the site.

How to plant a peach

Most often, a Kremlin variety peach can be found on personal plots in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, the North Caucasus and Ukraine. However, growing in the middle zone of Russia makes it possible to get a very good result, subject to the technology of growing this popular fruit crop.