Pear "Rogneda": description of the variety and recommendations for growing

Pear "Rogneda": description of the variety and recommendations for growing

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Pear "Rogneda" refers to the autumn varieties obtained by specialists of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. K.A. Timiryazev. This is one of the most popular early autumn ripe pear varieties that is appreciated by gardeners for their excellent resistance to low temperature conditions, abundant harvests, and the unsurpassed flavoring characteristics of fruits.

Grade description

Rogneda pear is a medium-sized tree with a round-oval or wide-pyramidal rare crown. Renal arousal rates are high. The variety is characterized by a rather weak shoot-forming ability.

Shoots of a cranked type, with a weak curvature, green-brown in color with a dark purple hue. Lentils are small, elongated. The kidneys have a short conical shape, semi-spherical type. Foliage of medium size, obovate, with pronounced serrate serration along the edge.

Fruits have a very attractive round or flat round shape. The average mass of marketable fruit reaches 115-125 g. The surface color of the fruit at the stage of technical ripeness is even, light yellow, smooth and glossy. The skin is of medium thickness and medium in density. The peduncle is short and strong enough, thick.

The pulp of a ripe fruit is whitish-beige in color, with average density, juicy, with a slight oiliness. The taste qualities of fully ripened fruits are excellent and are evaluated during the tasting by at least 4.2 points.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Rogneda pear variety is a very popular variety in central Russia. In the near Moscow region, the fruits fully ripen in the second or third decade of August. However, it should be remembered that a short ripening of the harvested crop is necessary. The main period of fruit consumption occurs in the last decade of August and the first decade of September. In a refrigerator, the fruits retain their marketable appearance and taste for no more than two months.

The advantages of the variety include early maturity. The grafted annual pear seedlings begin fruiting in the third or fourth year after planting. Fruiting is plentiful, but characterized by a sharp periodicity. The average yield of the variety is about 50 kg from each adult tree.

The main advantages of the variety include high winter hardiness, excellent yield and comprehensive resistance to disease. The variety is also highly regarded for early maturity and good consumer qualities of ripened fruits. However, during cultivation, one should take into account such disadvantages of the variety as the frequency of fruiting, as well as the tendency of the fruit to fall off at the stage of complete ripening.

How to choose the right pear variety

Growing recommendations

A pear of the Rogneda variety, popular among gardeners in our country, needs to be planted in well-lit areas. Otherwise, there is a decrease in sugar content, as well as a decrease in overall productivity. When growing, the following recommendations are required:

  • at risk of flooding of fruit trees, it is advisable to equip drainage or plant pear seedlings on a hill. Standard indicators of the level of groundwater occurrence should be no closer than 2-2.5 m to the surface;
  • soil acidity in the area should be at pH 5.6-6;
  • when planting fruit seedlings, you should carefully consider the deepening of plants, the root neck should be located about 5-7 cm above the ground;
  • the standard feeding area of ​​one adult plant on a long-growing stock is at least 25 square meters. m. When planting a seedling on a dwarf rootstock should focus on an area of ​​10-12 square meters. m;

  • open-root fruit seedlings need to remove 90% of the leaves. Pruning roots significantly complicates the adaptation and rooting of the plant;
  • the root system of pear seedlings must be carefully spread over the entire surface of the planting pit;
  • when planting a branch of seedlings, it is imperative to cut them to one third, which will help the plant quickly lay a productive crown.

Further care of the fruit plantations consists in irrigation, which is carried out four times a month at the rate of 10 liters of water for each adult plant. The annual thinning of an adult tree contributes to an increase in productivity and helps to prevent the occurrence of diseases or pest damage.

For top dressing, organics or complex fertilizers should be used in proportionestablished by the manufacturer for application under fruit trees. Trunk circles should be mulched, which will protect the root system of fruit plantations in the winter. Compliance with the growing technology positively affects not only the stability and quantity of the crop, but also allows you to get fruits with excellent taste.

Gardeners reviews

According to most gardeners, the peculiarity of the Rogneda pear is its taste, reminiscent of the taste of ripened southern pears. The plant has proven itself when grown in small plots of land. With a simple household ladder, you can collect all the fruits, even from the top of an adult tree.

In the fourth year of life, about two dozen fruits ripen, not too large, but very sweet and tasty. When buying pear seedlings, you must definitely ask the seller about the type of stock. According to experienced gardeners, a pear of this variety forms a small plant on dwarf rootstocks, but the yield will be low, up to about fifty fruits from an adult tree.

Rust on Pear: Methods of Fighting

If the pear is grafted onto a long-growing stock, then in the garden plot it is necessary to give it a sufficient feeding area, which is at least 4x6 or 5x5 meters, which is not always possible in small garden plots. The variety description assumes high winter hardiness, therefore the plant extremely rarely freezes when cultivated in the middle lane of our country.


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