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How to cook delicious salads with beans for the winter: recipes and secrets

How to cook delicious salads with beans for the winter: recipes and secrets

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Beans are a very valuable food product. It is on sale all year round. But due to the fact that the preparation of bean salads requires a lot of time, delicious dishes are often prepared for the winter.

How to choose beans for salads, the secrets of its preparation

Bean beans have different sizes and colors. But not every variety is suitable for harvesting winter salads. For this purpose, it is better to use such varieties:

  1. White Navy - hearty and tasty, gives the dishes a pleasant taste.
  2. Black bean - sweet with a slight bitterness; Suitable for any dishes. She has a delicate but dense texture.
  3. Red Kidney - burgundy, and after cooking it turns pink. It can be used with most spices, the aroma of which it absorbs well.
  4. Motley Pinto with a soft creamy taste - universal. After cooking, it acquires a uniform pink color.
  5. Green beans ideal for salads.

In order for beans to be beneficial, and not to be a source of discomfort, you need to cook it correctly:

  • Green beans are boiled in boiling water for several minutes. After that, it is cut and cut into 2-5-centimeter parts.
  • Cereals are first soaked overnight in cold water or in boiling water for 2 hours.
  • After this, the water is drained, replacing it with fresh (per glass of bean 3 glasses of water).
  • The first 10 minutes, the beans are boiled over high heat, and then (until cooked) on moderate.
  • Salt is added only at the end of cooking, otherwise it lasts longer.
  • To improve the taste of dishes can sprigs of mint and thyme, added during the cooking process.

White beans are soaked for 6-8 hours, and cooked for no more than an hour. Colored and motley are prepared respectively 4 hours and 1 hour.

How to prepare beans for winter in tomato sauce

The nutritional value of bean salads

Beans are extremely high in protein (about 20%) and high in calories. The proteins it contains are rich in amino acids that prevent liver obesity. This product has a lot of sugars, vitamins B, C, E, P, minerals - potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iron and many others.

Bean beans reduce the risk of ischemia, atherosclerosis, remove toxins, increase immunity, normalize blood sugar, contribute to weight loss, etc.

Depending on the composition of the vegetable salad and the type of beans included in it, the calorie content of 100 g of the dish is 90-200 kcal, the proteins in it are 2-4 g, fats - 6-12 g, carbohydrates - 7-12 g.

The caloric content of green beans is three times lower than grain, and it is not so rich in proteins, but there are much more vitamins and minerals in it.

Winter Bean Salads

There are a lot of recipes for such dishes. Here are just a few of them:

With garlic

For 2 cups of beans, you should take 7 kg of tomato, 2 kg of eggplant and sweet pepper, a glass of vegetable oil, allspice, bay leaf, parsley, a large head of garlic, salt.

Cooking sequence:

  • tomatoes are twisted in a meat grinder and boiled twice;
  • add oil, chopped garlic, spices, half-cooked beans, diced eggplant and stew under the lid for half an hour;
  • bell pepper is cut into large pieces, placed in a container with vegetables, stewed until the liquid evaporates;
  • in the last place, chopped parsley is added;
  • hot salad is laid out in half-liter jars, sterilized and rolled for 10 minutes. Eggplant in it can be replaced with zucchini.

Greek salad

Such vegetables are needed per kilogram of bean beans: onions - 0.5 kg, sweet pepper and carrots - per kilogram, and tomatoes - twice as much. Also needed: a glass of sugar, a little vinegar, ground pepper, salt and 0.5 l of vegetable oil.

This salad is prepared as follows:

  • peeled vegetables are cut randomly;
  • they are placed in a pan, where the remaining components of the salad are added, the beans soaked in the past are sent there;
  • all this is stewed under a lid with occasional stirring for 2 hours;
  • the salad is laid out in sterile jars hot and rolled;
  • upside down, the wrapped cans cool down, and then rearranged in a cold room.

String Bean Salad

For 2 kg of legumes, you need 3 kg of zucchini, a kilogram of sweet pepper, a lot of parsley, one and a half glasses of oil, 2 cups of vinegar, garlic, a glass of sugar, 10 tablespoons of salt.

Cooking Technology:

  • add oil, salt and sugar to one and a half liters of boiling water, let it boil for a couple of minutes, then pour vinegar;
  • stew vegetables in the fill for half an hour, then add chopped garlic;
  • put everything in jars, roll up and wrap until they cool.

Salad with Red Beans and Beets

On a half-liter jar you need: 100 g of boiled beets, potatoes, bean beans, 75 g of pickled cucumbers, 50 g of onions, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of citric acid, herbs, salt, pepper.

Cooking a salad in this order:

  • cook beets with sugar and vinegar added to the water, then peel and finely chop;
  • boil potatoes in a peel, peel and cut like beets;
  • grind cucumbers, onions and greens;
  • cooked red beans after soaking in salted water;
  • put all the ingredients in half-liter jars, fill them with oil and citric acid;
  • We sterilize them for half an hour and roll them up.

Cabbage salad

Ingredients: white beans - 0.5 kg, tomatoes - 5 kg, sweet pepper and onions - 2 kg each, cabbage and carrots - per kilogram, vegetable oil - 3 cups, vinegar - half a cup, salt, sugar.

Salad cooking sequence:

  • legumes are boiled;
  • tomatoes are chopped with a blender;
  • the remaining vegetables are finely chopped;
  • tomato sauce with vegetable oil and vegetables with salt and sugar are boiled for 20 minutes;
  • beans are added there, vinegar is poured;
  • everything is cooked for another 10 minutes;
  • the finished dish is laid out in jars and rolled up.

Terms and conditions of storage of blanks

The dishes are rolled up stored in a moderately cool place - in the pantry or kitchen cabinet. As a rule, their shelf life does not exceed a year. Even if they stand without noticeable signs of spoilage, over a year their contents lose their nutritional value and taste.

Canned vegetables should be checked periodically to identify “swollen” jars. This happens due to a violation of the technology of their preparation or storage in a room with a temperature above 25 degrees.

Winter Bean Salad

Homemade canned vegetables with bean beans are an excellent source of high-quality proteins and other beneficial substances. Although it takes a long time to cook them and it’s a rather troublesome business, such diverse preparations are a good help for the hostess in the winter season. They are not ashamed to submit even to the festive table.